Being a new mother makes you scrutinize products more closely, especially when they are used on your baby or touches things that are used by your baby. I don’t immediately buy something because of the ads on tv. I still rely on products that I have seen my family use as I am growing up. With baby care, I’m still a bit traditional, so every now and then I put my baby in gauze diapers instead of disposable ones, to allow his skin to breathe.

They are comfy, but only for a while and the poop stains can be a pain to remove if you do not have the right detergent. While stain-removing powders and common bleach can banish the stains, the question is, will it be ok with my baby’s ultrasensitive skin? Will it not cause rashes and other irritation? Unwilling to give up using cloth diapers altogether; I tried on Zonrox Gentle Clean on my baby’s nappies. To tell you, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

At first I expected a runny solution-much like Zonrox Original-but it has a thicker consistency like the Colorsafe Variant. The smell is not too strong, not bleach-like at all. Upon following the instructions for soaking stained items, I was pleasantly surprised-after ten minutes, the stains are gone and all I did was a little hand-washing. No vigorous scrubbing needed.

When dry, the nappies smell pleasant and mild enough for baby use- like bleach had never touched them. As the label says, it is oxygen bleach, that’s the reason why it is gentler than regular bleach. My baby’s clothes are white, stain-free, and with Zonrox’s trusted formulation, germ-free. My baby’s skin never chafed nor got irritated of any sort while wearing the nappies treated with Zonrox Gentle Clean.

I am so happy with the results that I do not hesitate to recommend it for baby’s clothing, as we only want the best for our babies. The price range? It is very affordable as the smallest bottle costs less than ten pesos. It is cost efficient too: you don’t have to use a lot or add detergent since it already lathers by itself. How’s that for a bargain? Another product that delivers what it promises equals life made easier.

Zonrox Gentle Clean is available in supermarkets and stores nationwide, so you can easily experience its cleaning power that’s tough on germs and stains but gentle on hands and of course, baby’s skin.

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