If there’s a juice drink that every Filipino knows, it would probably be Zest-O! Just recently I have tasted its new variety of fruit juice drink called Zest-O Slice. It is indeed refreshing and fruity! Its unique taste and flavor will surely make anyone fall in love with it.

What I like about Zest-O Slice is it is not too sweet and does not have any aftertaste unlike other juice drinks. It has no residue or suspended particles. I am not really fond of drinking juice but this one is an exception. It comes in four fruit flavors namely, grapple (grape plus apple), dalandan, mango burst and orange. I can fully taste the fruit (not sugar) like I am eating real grapes, apples, dalandan, mangoes or oranges. And even if it is no longer cold, it still tastes the same – still delectable and energizing.

Everyone in our family likes Zest-O Slice. It is actually the favorite juice drink of the students and teachers at the school where my godmother works. It is really in demand! I especially like Grapple Slice since grapes and apples are my favorite fruits. It’s so clever of the Zest-O team to combine grape and apple extracts. I hope they will have more combinations of fruits like strawberry plus apple / grapes; orange plus mango / pineapple; orange plus mango, pineapple and guava.

Another thing I like about Zest-O Slice is its colorful label and enticing packaging. Once you see it, you will immediately feel the urge to drink it. I will not regret spending 15 – 17pesos in every 355 mL bottle of it. It is not only refreshing and fruity but also healthy! It is enriched with Vitamins A, C, E and Zinc. Health-conscious individuals, please take note!

I suggest that aside from creating more flavors, they should also make Zest-O Slice available in tetra packs, cans and 1 liter bottles so there will be more varieties to choose from.

I can proudly say that Zest-O Slice is one of the best juice drinks made in our country. There is no other local drink that tastes so fresh and fruity like Zest-O Slice fruit juice drink!

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