“The sun is hot in the sky just like a giant spotlight!” the song goes. On a regular hot summer day in the Philippines, it’s not possible to stay cool about everything. It’s not just hot, you know. It’s blazing hot.

Then there’s Zagu.

There are a lot of refreshing drinks out there. A lot of advertisements introduce this drink that will blow you away. But the thing about Zagu is that they never fail to satisfy me. And they’re everywhere, too. In my place, there will always be a stall of Zagu everywhere I go at least. If I went to the market, there’s one. At my school, there’s another one. The malls, too. It’s like mushrooms sprouting whenever you’re having a bad mood, ready to serve one of their refreshing pearl shakes.

They offer a lot of flavors that cater our varying taste buds. Personally, I love their Chocolate Grande with chocolate bits and crystals. That’s classic. One can never go wrong with chocolate unless you’re allergic with it just like one of my friends. Everyday depending on your mood, you may choose a different flavor that suits your day. Then, just include some add-ons for fun. You should never miss those crystals or the rice krispies. If you must know, the crystals are actually nata de coco. Sweet!

Then, there’s the famous black pearl.

I so love those black pearls. They’re squishy and fun. I bet I could go all day chewing them. Especially when they’re still hot and fresh from cooking, and then the shake is poured down, fab! I usually tease the crews whenever they place my order. I will say they forgot to put some black pearls just to get some more. Of course they won’t believe me, not with my teasing smile.

When it comes to prices, it will never hurt your pocket –unless you insist on having Grande every time even when your cash is limited. Their largest size is just around Php 48-60 depending on the flavor. The lowest that it can go is Php 26-36. The add-ons that add to the fun are just Php 6. Hurts no more!

I consider myself as a fan of this pearl shake. I’m sure it will never fail my cravings.  You need to try them for sure. “Slow it down, make it stop or else my heart is going to pop.”

Image Credit: Zagu FB Page

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