Looks like someone is trying to “achieve” what unemployedpinoys.com did in the past. Say hello to Yukiro Database Services. Honestly, I haven’t heard this online money making website until today when someone left a comment on this site.

To start off, they have a Facebook Page and a website.  Please note that this is a free website, so don’t be surprised if you’re emailing their gmail, yahoo and outlook accounts. Don’t get me wrong, but I have nothing against using gmail and yahoo accounts for personal use but for official business transactions? — nah… For now, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. They said they’re getting their own domain name and building the website as we speak.

Now, both of these free webpages are littered with random proof of income receipts and whatnot. This is to convince everyone that someone did earn money working for them. The Facebook Page is also quite active with Yukiro staff answering queries and accusations at the same time.

Now since I don’t work for them, I’d like to ask you about your personal experience with Yukiro Database / Outsourcing Services.

  1. Are you willing to pay Php 350.00 upfront for the so-called site maintenance fee?
  2. Do they work like unemployedpinoys.com, advertising database entry encoding jobs but it’s actually the referrals that count the most?
  3. Are you satisfied the way they handled your queries?
  4. Have you had any problems with them in the past? Are they proactive in dealing with them?
  5. Would you like to continue working for them?

Share your thoughts…

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8 years ago

Eto pa, once na may nag ccomment n ng rants s fb pages nla ng mga members n naloko nla, bnubura lng nla un pra mging malinis sa mata ng mga baguhan at ng my mauto p cla, just imagine how many members ang hiningan nla ng membership fee kung kkuwentahin mo un aabot n s milyon ang knkita nla

8 years ago

Eto ang siste sa loob ng yukiro: Pag nag inquire ka mabilis pa sa alas kwatro magreply yan kung pano registration process once n mkpgbyad k n ng reg. fee at nakuha n nla ung pera sobrang tgal n mgreply nian at i expect mo n ang kung anu anong ira rason nla syo. After mong mkpgbyad bbgyan k nla ng id# at group #, every monday ang posting ng new task at instead of sunday ang deadline ng task which is ung pinangako nla na 1 week mo bbunuin ung given n task eh ndi un naasunod pnkmhba nlang palugit s task is 3 days. After nun ipapasa mo ung task mo s gmail nla with ur id# as a subject for validation process. After nla mavalidate task mo they will send to ur email the amount of ur validated task and the equivalent of it to pesos. Min.amount of payout nla is 300 pesos. Once n ma reach mo ung certain amount n un i ppm mo c yukiro through its fb account na gusto mo n mag payout. In my case na validate nmn 1st task q and hnhintay q ung 2nd task q n ma validate which is nung sept.10 pa. I’ve emailed them about it why it hasnt been validated since nag imposed cla ng deadline ng task to be validated. Ung mga pinopost nla na receipt ng mga nkpg payout na bogus lng ung mga un, meron mang totoo dun isa lng. Sa dami ng members n ng yukiro isang tao lng ung totoong pinapasahod nla imagine that.

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