Food courts are usually for the masses. They offer a wide variety of affordable food selection. This is not the case for the food court at SM Megamall’s elite expansion which is the Mega Fashion Hall.

Inside the Mega Fashion Hall is the food court they call the Mega Food Hall. The prices are about twice more expensive than the usual food court prices but is still definitely cheaper than the prices from stand alone high-class restaurants. In this post, I’m not only going to review Yakitori One but I am also going to share my experience eating at the Mega Food Hall.

Yakitori One is one of the first stalls which opened at the Mega Food Hall. I’ve read somewhere in the Internet that this food chain has a solid following here in the country already so I decided to check it out. Yakitori is a Japanese term for grilled meat in skewers. It can be best compared to barbecue, just to give you an idea of how it looks like.

It’s hard to choose which yakitori to go with because they have many different types. The crew member who was in front of the counter was kind enough to patiently wait until I get to decide what to order. I was finally able to decide after some time. I chose their Chicken/Bell Pepper, Chicken/Onion Leek, and Asparagus Pork Wrap combination on rice. I really like bell pepper and it became my deciding factor to choose the Chicken/Bell Pepper. The other two looks intriguing, so it made me want to try them. It only took a while for the crew members to prepare my order.

Since it’s still a food court, you can decide where to sit among the available seats. There are different kinds of chairs but they all have fancy designs. The Mega Food Hall is a far cry from the usual crowded food courts. The environment is more sophisticated and modern. Upon finding a sit where I think I’ll be most comfortable at, I’m more than ready to eat what I ordered from Yakitori One.

What I like best among the three I ordered is the Chicken/Bell Pepper. Bell pepper is really good after all, it complements well with the chicken meat! I didn’t quite like the Asparagus Pork Wrap. It has a distinct taste that is probably not common with any Filipino tongue. It gets bearable the more you eat it though.

I would like to try more grilled meat in skewers from Yakitori One, and I would like to try the other food stalls at the Mega Food Hall as well. Over all, trying Yakitori One at the Mega Food Hall is great. The refreshing calm environment made me really enjoy the good food.

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