Are you aware that aside from aging-associated diseases our “lolo” and “lola” experience, the most common geriatric syndrome observed is Alzheimer’s Disease also known as Dementia? Many people think this is just an illness often seen in movies, only to be seen on foreigners… but, it’s actually not. Many of our Filipino senior citizens have it too, and, unfortunately, most of us don’t have the necessary skills to ensure they receive the proper care and attention they deserve.

Simply put, it’s not just our tender loving care that gets the job done. If you read through the symptoms of Dementia, you will soon realize that it is not just the common forgetfulness that we have come to know about nor letting them take premium milk brands or brain enhancers for those who are getting older. So, opting for a professional nursing care is not only going to benefit you but also make their lives comfortable and safe.

In a paid nursing home, you are assured of one thing: a professional nurse who will personally take care of your “nanay” or “tatay.”

The once simple tasks of eating, going to the toilet, etc. may not be that simple anymore. A paid nursing care ensures that these will be taken care of, plus all the other routines from daily exercise to administering medications. For many of us, such service appears to be pricey but at the end of the day, the full attention and care given is priceless.

What does full attention mean? How is it any different from hiring a personal nanny and have your mom or dad stay at home with you? Undoubtedly, patients suffering from Dementia need full attention but does a personal nanny has the necessary skills to handle the situation? What if your mom screams for the love of her life because she doesn’t know any of you, after all, you are all strangers to her. With professional nurses and care givers, not only they have been trained to handle the situation, they would know how to persuade them, keep them calm or whatever that might be needed.

That’s what money can buy for you for your frail parents. The best care, the most comfortable place, and ultimately, the needed looking after that only these professional nurses would know about, have learned about,  and will give as you put your aged loved ones to a paid nursing home. With your financial capability to give this kind of care for your parents, you are assured of the right kind of place that would suit them better.

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