Watson’s store is a place where people can shop for their personal hygiene products. The store offers a variety of brands for different items. From body lotions to hair care products – Watson’s is becoming an emerging brand in today’s shopping centers. Not only do they offer affordable products to customers, they also provide items of high caliber – proving that Watson’s brand is serious and could compete with leading brands in terms of product excellence.

I went to Watson’s store yesterday since I’m running out of stocks for my personal toiletries. I saw their line of body wash products and Watson’s brand is one of them. I consider myself a price sensitive person, so the buy-one-take-one offering of Watson’s caught my eye. At first I compared all the sizes of each body wash, scrutinizing if the price is reasonable versus the content of the body wash, and if my favorite Cantaloupe scent is available among the items.

Finally, I chose the 1000 ml. Watson’s Cantaloupe-Scented Cream Body Wash, a product which is exported from Thailand, with promises to make each female’s skin soft and moisturized after continued use. As a value added offering, the item comes with another Watson’s Cantaloupe Body Wash for free, so I purchased the product and went home to see if it really works.

After a couple of days, I can see the difference in my skin – it became smooth and moisturized and I really enjoy the cantaloupe scent in my body whenever I take a bath! I’ve also noticed that this item works properly if used together with a loofah, so that the body would absorb the elements in the body wash making the skin smooth and moisturized. Aside from this attributes, the body wash also has cleansing agents leaving you with clean, silky and smooth skin.

To share my previous experience with other brands, most body wash products I’ve tried loses its scent while I’m in the middle of consuming the product, but I’m glad that the Watson’s brand still has its fruity, cantaloupe scent from the first day I used it up to the very last drop! The pump in the container works properly and gives that easy-to-use feel to consumers. I can still recycle the container of the body wash and use it as container for other liquids in my mother’s hair salon. The packaging is also very presentable, and I did not find any leaks when I first used them.

I can also say that there is really value for money for this product since the item costs only P249.The 1000 ml. is good for three months use, so all in all, 2000 ml. of body wash from Watson’s is good for 6 months for only P249! That really is a great deal!

The invigorating experience I’ve had with the product plus value for money are the reasons why I recommend this product to everyone. I highly encourage each of you to buy this and be amazed of the quality of Watson’s brands!

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