If you live in Quezon City, there are a lot of malls where you can dine, shop, and watch movies. As a film buff, I’ve tried a lot of movie theaters in different malls but I always end up coming back to Fisher Mall. One reason is that it is closest to my home. Technically, it’s just a 30-minute walk and 15-minute drive from my house.

Aside from the proximity, what I like about this mall is its mix of customers ranging from A to C. It caters to different classes. I actually like the type of people who go there.

It’s relatively small compared to the giant malls such as SM and Trinoma. However, I find it just right. The theater area is on the top floor.

The layout of the cinema is built side by side so everything is on one side. The ticket booth is on the farthest side and beside it is the food and refreshment area. Then you have the cinemas beside the snack section.

I find this convenient so I won’t have to walk too far to buy my popcorn and soda. Literally, everything you need is in one place.

The most important thing I like about the cinema is its cleanliness. I hate walking into a movie theater with a sticky floor and dirty seats. It’s just disgusting.

The cinemas in Fisher Mall are all well-maintained. It’s always clean and the air conditioning is cold. I always have to bring my jacket every time I watch a movie.

Each cinema has a 250-seat layout. The seats are soft and comfortable, especially the head rest. Some movie theaters have a low head rest which can give you a neck strain.

All 5 cinemas are hi-definition, some are 3D capable, and the audio quality is up to par. So, if you want a nice and comfortable time at the cinema without having to worry about long lines, I highly suggest you try watching your favorite movie at Fisher Mall.

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