One thing Filipinos are known of, we love to sing. Who doesn’t, right? I know you guys agree but truth be told, karaoke machines can be found anywhere in the Philippines. I admit, I love to sing…. A lot! I’ve been to different KTV bars and all have different ambiance or style but the common thing is that, a KTV won’t be complete without a microphone, a wide screen TV and a songbook.

Me and my friends, we did experience KTV hopping from one place to another and then the list goes on, and then last week, a friend of mine told me that there’s a new KTV that opened recently. I just can’t wait and so I went there to check the place. Wat ever KTV is the first in Cebu, they have other branches in Cagayan de Oro and Dumaguete.

As I arrived at the place, the sign is very catchy because it is very colorful. The place looks small from the outside but it is very clean and just enough space from the inside. From the looks of it, you can tell that the place is new. Anyways, there are 12 rooms that can accommodate 8-15 people. The room is fully air-conditioned, the quality of the mic is good, the songbook are all updated, so you can sing with your recent favorite songs.

The room have disco lights perfect for songs that makes you wanna dance as you sing along. And the fun part is that their rooms and menu list have different unique and catchy names, names that are fun and worth to be remembered. Our room name is Why oh Why. See? Very original and unique. The place is clean and the service is fast. Once you press the red button for assistance, in less than a minute, someone will knock the door and voila, the attendant is there to assist you in time.

I definitely would suggest this place to everyone. The place can be located easily, plus the room rates are very affordable. For Php88 you can sing all you can for an hour, you can also order food at a very reasonable price. Not bad for starters, right?

So if you plan of going there, I suggest you should make such reservations because they never ran out of customers and the rooms are always full. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to prepare a list of your favorite songs and head to Wat ever Family KTV. It is the place to be for singers like you and me. =)

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9 years ago

can we bring some food inside or would there be a corkage for it?

9 years ago

can we bring some food inside or would there be a corkage for it?

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