Actually, this is not my first time at Vikings SM North Edsa, I just want to share some of my experiences. At first it was really mind-boggling because there’s a lot of food to eat. My stomach can’t really handle it all (too much to handle). In my own opinion, that’s why many people are keeping on coming back to eat those foods that wasn’t eaten at first.

This last August 2015, we decided to eat at Vikings again because one of the relatives of my wife hasn’t tried it yet. And my target was to eat a lot of sushi on Japanese section. Honestly, the experience was great, after that I decided to eat different kinds of cakes and desserts and I didn’t bother to count the number of plates I used,  I just enjoyed my meal.

Vikings restaurant is very popular with most of us (Filipinos), in my observation, it is the most favorite restaurants of all people I know. Especially, to those people who wants to celebrate their birthday for free, but you need to be accompanied by at least one person in full payment. However, if you still want to celebrate your birthday on your birthday’s month, you can still avail the promo, but you need to be accompanied by at least four paying people.Well, not bad if you still want to celebrate your birthday while the staff of Vikings sings to you. For more information on their promo/rates, please see the following link

While waiting for our turn to get in, I saw students are having a seminar inside and I got curious, so I decided to listen while waiting I learned that Vikings is an open buffet restaurant (which is very obvious of course), unlike the traditional buffet you really can’t see the people behind the buffet. Lastly, their first branch is at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) which officially opened to the public last April 2011.

Vikings SM North Edsa Review

  • Variety – Of course for starters, this might be a bit confusing, because of the wide array of choices, well, it’s really up to you where to start. However, this is great because the customer will keep on coming back and they can familiarize themselves to different cuisines. Due to this I’ve learned to appreciate more the different cuisines taste and culture. So I’m giving a 7 stars.
  • Ambiance  – Artistically the interior is really great which attracts more customers. Not only that, even the chairs, dining tables, etc.  gives a really good ambiance, but the interior really brings out a relaxing aura. So I’m giving a 6 stars.
  • Taste – Well, it’s kinda hard to tell really, because most of us really has a different taste, but for me everything was really elegant & tasteful. So I’m giving 7 stars.
  • Service – To me it seems that, staffs are quick whenever we requested some extra utensils.  Used plates on our tables were immediately taken without asking to clean it up. So I’m giving 5 stars.


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