My 20,000mAh Romoss powerbank is dying, and so I was on the hunt for another powerbank. I would say that Romoss is what of those brands and you can never go wrong with them. Unfortunately, there are tons of “Romoss” fake products on Lazazda, and as with other fake products, they tend to be really dirt cheap.

20,000mAh powerbank is heavy. With multiple recharging you can do with them, the heaviness seems justified. However, this time I’m looking for a powerbank that is easy to carry around since I’m buying 2 of them for myself and my niece. I settled with Verger 10,000 mAh and this review is what it is all about.

For starters, I paid 399.00 each plus shipping fee of 97 pesos. The shipment took almost 2 weeks, the package intact, and everything went smoothly. With it comes the standard android charging cable, and few paper inserts.

Unlike my Romoss, it only shows 4 small white LEDs for battery level instead of a digital display, a power button on the left side of the panel, and 2 USB charging outputs at the top of it. Front and back panels in matte finish, sturdy build but the plastic felt cheap. Fingerprint marks still visible but not that clearly because of its black color.

This is a perfect fit for my needs. Right now, I’m looking for portability rather than an enormous capacity. I have a 4,500 mAh mobile phone battery, so I guess I can get 2 full recharges using this powerbank — no more than that.

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