My personal quest for a good whitening lotion is something that I nearly gave up. Most products promise to whiten you in two weeks; another lotion promised to whiten your skin immediately upon application but made mine look as if I mixed baby powder with it; and countless more never really did anything but make me feel greasy and uncomfortably hot especially in the summer. So I just settled with my regular favorite moisturizing but non-whitening lotion, until Vaseline Instant Fair lotion hit the shelves.

Guess what? I’m hooked.   After trying on plenty of products that could be classified as affordable for the masses like me, I was quite wary to buy it. Eventually, curiosity won me over as I toted a bottle of Vaseline Instant Fair out of the store. The lotion is pale pink in color, which somehow reminds me of facial highlighter. The consistency is great, not too thick or thin. It feels light and cool to my skin and most importantly, it does make my skin two tones fairer. I tested it on my legs and arms and indeed, there is a difference.

My skin tone is a bit yellowish-tan but the pinkish color of the lotion did not clash with my skin tone. It evened out my skin and lightened my ashy elbows. Here is a lotion that really delivers instant results.   I am very pleased with the product because, unlike another product that promises instant whitening upon application, it seeps right into my skin, looks natural and does not leave a white cast. It smells so mild; it doesn’t clash with my favorite scents.

My skin looked plump, shiny without being overdone, and overall healthy. The microreflectors in the lotion are responsible for the instant whitening effect. Yet it does not stop there because real whitening ingredients are working to whiten your skin in the long run. As I have observed, my skin does look fairer even before I applied the lotion, after using it for several days. Wonderful indeed, especially the product costs less than P150 a bottle. Another thing to love about it is that it has triple sunscreen.

I’m instantly whitened and protected. I definitely recommend it to anyone.   So if you’re like me looking to be fair and smooth, Vaseline Instant Fair lotion is The One among whitening. lotions. With an outstanding combo of affordability, moisturizing and instant plus continuous whitening, this is one product that sets standards.

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