On a fine, hot Manila day, my friends and I decided to go to UP Town Center in Katipunan Avenue for some quality time. While scrounging for new places to eat at, we spotted Sushi Nori from afar. My friends and I were egged to try since we had heard raving reviews about the place and how they were serving the recent fad in Manila: Pokebowls.

Now, on to the first impressions: we were honestly taken aback by how small the place was. It was almost as if the owner was actively trying to stop people from eating inside. It was so tight, and considering how their reviews have been pretty decent, the place was pretty full too.

That said, I was determined to not let the tight space get to me. My friends and I were forced to sit outside, albeit not wanting to, because of the very limited seating space inside. Although I cannot stress enough how small the room felt, it was still pretty convenient since their food came out pretty fast and the place had a certain on-the-go vibe to it.

When the buzzer came a-buzzin’ and we finally got our food, I was already on the edge of my seat, nearly fainting from excitement. I got the salmon bowl and I couldn’t help but feel like the place was just a tad bit too overrated for my liking. The food was pretty meh, and the price is kind of high for a place that they say has “budget sushi.”

The Pokebowl that I got was, at best, a 6.8/10 for me. That, coupled with the tight space, gives me enough reason to not go back there, and voluntarily hand my money over. Don’t get me wrong! The other customers seemed to like it, but for me and my friends? It’s a “meh” for us.

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