Is (UEP) a scam site or not? The short answer is, No (at least not yet). This isn’t a first-hand experience, but granted I paid for my friend’s registration fee of Php 350.00, I feel I’m entitled to review this new online money-making site.

So basically, you can’t start “earning money” if you don’t “send them money.” They call it their registration fee and it’s Php 350.00. You send it through LBC and they then set up your dashboard in a day or two. The dashboard is supposed to contain all your projects, updates and whatnot.  It does what it says.

Now, I’ve been making money online for the past 8 years. I’ve dealt with the good, the bad, and the ugly clients. Never in my life I was asked to pay upfront because I want to work. UEP’s justification is that the Php 350.00 will cover its operating costs and for setting up the dashboard. Okay, sounds reasonable enough but shouldn’t it be part of UEP’s income?

After 2 days, my friend’s dashboard finally came to light, finally! He was so eager to login to start his online money-making venture. His first project was to find business entities around the area. Easy enough, there’s Google. He was given instructions to collect the info and put it in the Excel sheet. Easy job but wait 0.32 cents per row!?! Which means he’s going to earn a measly Php 50.00 for the next 8 hours working like a crazy bee.

Of course I know no one is going to pay you big bucks for some copy/paste stuff but I felt UEP’s ads are misleading. They kept telling people in forums, Twitter and Facebook that they could earn hundreds of pesos in a day. And just the other day, I saw an instagram post about her receiving Php 2,000+ payment from UEP. As to how many days she worked for that, I don’t know. If  it’s true, then good for her; our experience was otherwise. To be fair, it could just be that the project was downright cheap. There could/should be other jobs at stake that pay at a much higher rate. However, if you think this no-brainer job will cover your bills, think again.

As with all ventures that want your money upfront, I suggest you take it with a grain of salt. My inexperienced friend failed to ask questions before he sent the money, he’s fault. Yes, I know Php 350.00 isn’t going to break the bank but if you count 100 people falling into the same pit, you get the picture. is not a scam site but as soon as you get your “projects,”  you just want to leave as fast as you came.

Oh and by the way, my friend requested a refund and UEP told him to wait for at least a month.

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4 years ago

Thanks for the info. Please share with us the legit online opportunities you are earning from.

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