I’ve been wanting to try eating at Uncle Cheffy for a long time, and I was finally able to visit one branch when I went to hangout with two of my high school best friends after a long time.

Since we are from the south, we decided to go and chill at Nuvali which is only an hour away from where we are coming from. There are so many restaurants in the area. I told my best friends that I really want to try Uncle Cheffy, they were quite skeptical at first because they haven’t tried eating in any of Uncle Cheffy’s branches as well. I’m just so glad that my best friends agreed to eat at Uncle Cheffy for dinner when they saw that there were many people eating inside the restaurant.

Looking at Uncle Cheffy’s menu, we had a hard time choosing what to order. There were so many mouth-watering dishes depicted in the menu! I would want to try them all if only I have the budget! They have steak dishes. If it’s the usual me, I would opt for steak right away but I felt like having a chicken dish that time. I couldn’t hold myself back and told my friends that I would love to have a chicken dish. They spoil me so much and so we settled for a half serving of Roasted Chicken Maurino, together with a big bowl of rice and glasses of iced tea.

It took quite a while before our orders were served, but we didn’t really mind it since we were so busy catching up with our stories. When our orders finally came, we were so glad we only went for a half serving of the Roasted Chicken Maurino. It’s actually good for 2-3 people. We didn’t have an idea about how big the serving will be and we didn’t bother to ask the crew members since it was a busy dinner time by then. The Roasted Chicken Maurino is more on the sweet side, but it’s not the kind of sweet which will make you get sick of it after quite sometime. It’s just right for my palate. The sauce smothered on the Roasted Chicken Maurino is a winner. It complements well on the tasty roasted chicken.

The crew members were accommodating and all smiles from when we entered the restaurant until we left. When we were about to leave, we even asked a crew member if he can take a picture for us and he did. Well, that time the crew members were not so busy anymore since it’s already late when we finished our food and our stories.

I’m satisfied with both the food and the service at Uncle Cheffy in Nuvali. I just hope it’s like that in all their branches. Next time, I’ll try Uncle Cheffy’s steak dishes!

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