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Cebu Transcentral Hwy, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
(032) 316 5992 | (032) 316 4336 | 0912 481 7627
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A breathe of fresh air. A mountain park located just a few minutes away from the bustling Cebu Metropolis.
Rates & Fees
50.00 - Entrance Fee

500.00 - 1,500.00 - Room
Other Details

No corkage; overnight swimming not allowed

400.00 (1 way) | 40.00 (additional per head); minimum 10 pax per trip

7:00 am to 12 mn; pickup Jolibee near JY Lahug
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Water park
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Google reviews
the view is great. If you want o beat the heat, maybe this place is right for you. The sun is scorching hot during noon time but the cold breeze somehow balanced the temperature.
Roselyn MinaRoselyn Mina
04:57 27 Mar 23
It was the most amazing stay I've had with friends.. I never thought would happen... They just made my dreams came true ... Staying overnight, unplanned!
Flora May AugustoFlora May Augusto
13:32 22 Jan 23
Nice experience if want to chill and get out of the city. What i like the most is same the entrance fee is cheap unlike other attraction.. not very well maintained but still relaxing and worth the trip.
Lyla MontesclarosLyla Montesclaros
13:16 31 Oct 22
Most quite spot(less crowd) to chill in Busay compared to other famous tourist spots. P50.00 entrance per person, 20% discount for PWD and senior citizens. Mountain View is open up until dawn time(I don’t know if they are 24/7 open) same rate for entrance. It has pool as well(I forgot how much is the rate). Only the maintenance is the down side, you can literally see tracks of how old the place is. Rooms are P2,000.00 up base on their facebook page.
Thanos SuccesorThanos Succesor
02:02 10 Jan 20
I would love to give it a 5star review because I love the view so much,it's overlooking the city while dipping however the pool is dirty..I'm sorry but I have to tell the truth so you would change the water more often. please I beg you. it would also be nice if you could construct a flowing water so there is draining of eewws all the time.our kid had a great time though cos kids don't mind,right. so what I did was scooping it faster with both hands making a wave so it would go out of the pool.anyone seeing a person did that,it was me. I love the place so much it's just the water I'm complaining which can be managed. keep it up guys! healthy first!
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Mountain View Natures Park
A breathe of fresh air. A mountain park located just a few minutes away from the bustling Cebu Metropolis.
Cebu Transcentral Hwy, Cebu Philippines
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3 years ago

How much is your room good for 2 person?

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