Toledo City
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AboutAn active open pit mining visited by local and foreign tourists alike
HoursMon - Sun: 24 hrs
DirectionsHow to get there: There are several ways to get to Biga Pit in Toledo City, Cebu, but the simplest and most reliable method is to use Google Maps if you're driving, or to take a habal-habal from Tabunok Public Market. It's worth noting that drivers may charge higher rates due to the location and condition of the road leading to the pit.

The road conditions leading up to the Biga Pit can be quite challenging, especially for two-wheeled vehicles. The loose rocks, uneven terrain, and unpaved roads pose a considerable obstacle for motorists.
OthersYour safety: Avoid visiting during the rainy season as the dirt road becomes very slippery and muddy. Also, certain sections of the Manipis Road may even experience landslides during heavy rainfall
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Discovering Biga Pit: Toledo City's Hidden Gem Review

Biga Pit in Toledo City, Cebu is a breathtakingly beautiful location that attracts many visitors despite its rough and unpaved terrain. The orange tint that envelops the entire area adds to its unique and alluring appeal. However, it's not an easy drive for those who are new to the area, as there are several pits and bumps along the way. But for groups of friends, it can be a fun and adventurous journey. Public transportation is available, but it can be quite costly due to the location. Aside from the pit itself, there are other attractions in the area, such as the reforestation project that lines the road. The lack of traffic in the area provides a sense of peacefulness, which can be a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Overall, Biga Pit is a must-visit location for those who have the stamina and driving skills to navigate its rough roads. It offers a unique and refreshing escape from the urban landscape, and the surrounding area is worth exploring. Whether you're seeking adventure or simply a break from the noise and chaos of the city, Biga Pit is definitely worth checking out.

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