Perrilos Hill, Carcar City, Cebu
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Stay safe. Stay indoors.
AboutA pilgrim site which houses a giant statue of Our Lady of Family. The site was once popular for its 'dancing sun' phenomenon.
HoursSun: 4:30 am | 10:00 am | 4:00 pm

Mon: 6:00 am (Novena of the Holy Spirit) | Tue: 6:00 am | Wed: 6:00 am | 4:00 pm (Novena Mother of Perpertual Help)

Thur: 6:00 am | Sat: 6:00 am (Every 12th of the month) | Confession: 9:00 pm | Mass: 10:00 pm

Sun: 6:00 am (Novena Sto Nino) | Healing Mass: 4:00 pm

Every 13th of the month - 2:30 am – 3:30 am (Dawn Rosary Procession) | Mass of Reparation: 4:00 am | Mass: 10:00 am
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  1. Hi, may I know what time is the holy eucharist today please? Dec.24, 2019? Thanks so much in advance for your reply

  2. what is the time schedule in theotokos during monday- friday?pls reply thank you..for the response!!!