I have just recently found my love for Japanese food and since then, Tokyo Tokyo is one of those restaurants that I would go to for some tempura without having to spend more.

One thing that I keep coming back for in Tokyo Tokyo is mainly their food, particularly their prawn and mixed vegetables tempura. I normally order the Sumo meal which is good for two persons, as I normally go out and eat with my husband who loves Japanese food, too. The meal is served with two viands of your choice, vegetables for the siding, two regular-sized red tea, and two cups of rice. As a tempura lover, I always go for mixed tempura (prawns and vegetables).

I also love the tempura sauce because it is not too plain or too sweet for me. I like how the vegetables are butter-fried. The good news is you can get this whole set of meal for two for only PhP 275.00. They also serve other meals which are just equally good tasting and affordable. Their Chicken Karaage  and the sweet sauce that comes with it is a must-try. It tastes good and is big enough (cut into two) that you could actually finish three to four cups of rice with it, which you will not have to pay extra for because they serve unlimited rice.

With my frequent visits to different branches of Tokyo Tokyo like in SM Mall of Asia, SM Pampanga, and Aegis People Support,  I would say that their crews, at least in these locations, need to improve their customer service skills. They need to be more accommodating and customer service oriented. There were instances when I asked some crews to get me sets of spoon and fork and every time I did that, I would get the same answer from them.

They always go “Our spoons and forks are just by the condiments area, ma’am.”  I did not expect a response like that but since it was said nicely and with a smile, I just let it pass. I then realized that what they actually meant was that it is a self-service restaurant. While I understand the self-service concept, I just think that it would be better if they go an extra mile especially when the opportunity presents itself.

In spite of the need to improve on their customer service, I would still say that Tokyo Tokyo is definitely a must-try for Japanese food lovers who have not been there and even for those who want to try and explore good-tasting yet affordable meals whether alone or with someone. My love for their food will always keep me coming back.

Tokyo Tokyo in Davao. Image courtesy: chicfoodie

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