Korea is known for cosmetics and amazing skincare products same with Japan and Thailand. But now its Thailand’s turn for the spotlight. Many products from Thailand have been continuously trending online. Thailand’s best seller soap now is the Tofu Soap. I saw this online and saw many great feedbacks from its users and saw how it transformed their skin. So I decided to give it a try.

The Tofu Soap I bought online was manufactured by SkinWhite. It has a very cute packaging. It is actually smaller than I thought it would be. It’s a round white soap with a square packaging. The smell was mild but very soothing. It smells like sweet milk! That’s a good thing because most of the buyers consider scent as a big factor. Well, since it smells like milk, it gives an impression that it is organic and good for the skin. Well, we’ll see if that is true.

It promises to clear up acne, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. It is also used for refining pores. Also has some whitening properties. I thought it was just another ordinary soap but I have to be on the side of the users this time. They were right! The soap was fantastic. I tried it for a few days and it gave my skin a pinkish glow. It definitely made my pores smaller and my friends have been telling me that my skin looks nice. It has a dewy finish throughout the day and it makes the skin look healthy.

It certainly proved its promises of having a great white skin. I was really looking for a soap that would truly give my skin a healthy glow and this one never failed me. I also noticed that my skin is not dry. I am really not a fan of lotions so I always forget to apply lotion everytime I go out. I tried scratching my skin and it did not have a white mark. So I was surprised that this soap has good moisturizing properties as well. No need for lotion!


  • It smells good, gives a thick creamy lather, makes the pores smaller, clears up acne or pimples, gives a pinkish glow, whitens the skin and it also moisturizes the skin. It doesn’t dissolve quickly unlike other soaps.


  • Packaging is in Thai. No directions or indications on usage. It is really small. I actually want a bigger soap. It is a little expensive for a soap.


Overall, it is a great soap! Worth the price and stands to its promises. It is really a must buy for women. It helps achieve that dewy white skin that most of us wanted. If you want a healthy skin, this soap is for you 🙂

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