Writing can be considered as an essential part of one’s life.  And when it comes to writing, many prefer ball point pens or ballpens, as it is commonly called, than any other writing instruments.

From students in their schools, to professionals in their works and even those who just want to doodle and jot down anything, ballpen is the most common writing tool that man needs. Even with the advent of modern electronic gadgets that sometimes tends to substitute the role of pen and paper, we can’t deny that we always go back to the humble ballpen.

In the wide array of brands of ball point pens available in the market, I prefer to use Titus Retractable Ballpens.  Even some of my friends use it, not only in writing, but also in drawing.  It is available in different ink colors making it suitable to one’s drawing needs.   As for writing, I prefer the black ink variety.  Titus black ballpen has that appropriate shade of black – not too black and not too light or dark grayish like other brands.

The ink doesn’t blot that may cause smudge on your hands and your paper as well.  It has the exact point, not too thick but not too thin.  It also writes smoothly on diverse types of paper.  The ballpens’ cases are available in different vibrant colors.  One good thing about this product is it is very affordable.  Prices can range from less than ten pesos to twenty pesos, depending on its type.

As for the cons, one should take extra care of the pens.  Dropping it may cause damage on the pen’s ball point that may cause blotting.  After some use, some of the pens’ plastic barrel may crack or break, making it unusable.  Clicking the pen too often may also cause its clip to break.

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