How many times do we eat and treat ourselves with a good meal? Maybe a few times in a year especially folks out there who are so frugal and reserves their money for something more important. I mean how many people can really afford to go get steak or baby back ribs for example? Whenever we say steak, automatically we say that it’s pricey and its food for the rich. That’s my same thought, until this place came to our village.

The Rib Shack is a new restaurant that opened a few months ago at Pilar village. First thing that I felt seeing the place was a little intimidating because I knew that they serve steak which comes with some sort of notion– steak again being pricey. I finally decided to try it out after a very stressful day I  had when our flight was cancelled.

We ordered the single baby back ribs, one for my wife and I. According to the menu, it was served with rice and side dish. I was a little disappointed with the menu because it was a one-paged, very plain, no color or photos or whatsoever. It’s a laminated page which was clipped on to a cardboard, I just thought the owner could have been a little more creative. There was also a relatively few options, but hey they’re also new so probably they’re building up on the menu for now. The place was just fine, it’s got tables inside and a some outside for the smokers and people who just want the vibe outside. When we dined here, I chose to dine outside as nobody else were out there. The service was just okay, I felt that the waiter really was not fully aware of the menu because when I asked which side dish is best with the baby back rib he just started to read what was on the menu. But it was fine, I was ready to try things out anyway.

When our food was served, my jaw dropped. The plate was literally huge, the rice was really delicious and the baby back rib? It’s not baby in size at all, its a good sized, tender, and juicy slab of rib. It was so tender, the meat falls off from the bone very easily. As for the side dish? Their coleslaw was amazing, I can say that it was really fresh and tasty. The steak sauce was also great. The other side dish we got was fries which was not too bad. And this order? Only Php275 and you can leave the place with a happy heart and satisfied tummy.

I am glad to say that this place is really great, for a moment I forgot our cancelled vacation. I’ll be back for sure and I’ll try their other dishes on my next visit.

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