My kids, boys aged 3 and 5 year olds, would jump with joy whenever I announce that we are going to Jollibee. One time while eating there, they pointed me to the Jollibee Mini Managers Camp poster and convinced me to enrol them.

It is a one week program with 2 hours of activities for 6 days. Uniforms, daily food/snacks, and Jollibee sling bag with activity materials were given. I had to pay for Php 600 for the camp and Php 100 for the Jollibee Kiddie Club membership of each kid.

Do not be fooled by the fee. It may just be Php 700 but the amount of time you stay at the Jollibee store will make you buy more Jollibee food. I had to stay to look after my 3 year old who still has separation anxiety. Also, I have to consider that there were around 25 kids on the same schedule with my children, and the Jollibee personnel to look after them all are 2 staff and 1 manager.

Different Value Meal was served each day after the activities. French fries was never included in their menu and it is my kids’ favourite item so I bought them every day. While I was waiting, I ordered quite a few food for myself also.

The activity my kids enjoyed the most is when they had a chance to be inside the counter area. They greeted the customers and see where the food are prepared.

The Jollibee mascot appeared on the graduation day to award the kids their certificates and awards. A gift, which is a Jollibee prize catcher, was also given. Everyone had the chance to take a picture with the mascot.

Overall, it is a fun and learning summer activity for my kids though I think children aged 7-12 will enjoy the camp better than the younger ones.

I have to commend the Jollibee staff assigned, Ate Cha and Kuya Alden. They are super friendly and helpful. The manager, Ma’am Chari, was also good in hosting the camp; she made sure everyone is enjoying including the parents.


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