If you’re looking for something you haven’t tried before, a small shop in UP Teachers village called The iScreamist might be able to offer you something you can’t refuse.

My best friend Sean and I decided to skip classes one day to go on a spontaneous adventure. (No, I am not encouraging anyone to do the same) We decided to meet up at Megamall from school. After arguing about where to eat, we decided to get a bite at Katipunan so we can also check out the ice cream parlor everybody who’s anybody is talking about, The Iscreamist. Though it was very far from where we were at that time, we decided to just go with the flow and let our spontaneity take over the vibes.

After eating lunch in Katip, we took two jeeps + a tricycle going to Maginhawa. Upon arriving at the store, we both thought how the ice cream parlor looked like it was a computer shop from the outside. When we entered the premises, we couldn’t believe how much people there was! There were barely any seats and the line was so long. But nevertheless, Sean told me that instead of complaining about how far we came from just to wait in line, it’s better than leaving without getting to taste what we came there for. I agreed so while in line, we were just talking about the most random things to kill time. As soon as a group of people rose up from their tables, fortunately, Sean landed us one. When we finally got to order, the ones we wanted weren’t available. Instead of crying over spilt milk, we ordered what was available instead.

Sean ordered the strawberry cheesecake ice cream for me and he had the red velvet one. We also tried their specialty, Dragon’s Breath. The ice creams tasted exquisite. It was sweet and the presentation was nice. What made the experience fun was the Dragon’s breath. It’s smores: cut graham crackers with a marshmallow, wafer and chocolate syrup jammed in between stuck on a popsicle stick served with a cup of liquid nitrogen.

The key method to enjoying your Dragon’s Breath is to do the following:

  1. Dip your choice of Dragon’s Breath snack into the liquid nitrogen for approximately 15 seconds
  2. Allow 2 seconds before eating the snack
  3. Pop the whole snack in your mouth in just a single bite
  4. Close your mouth and keep on chewing. Because of the liquid nitrogen, once you dip and eat your chosen snack, it will sizzle then freeze up then you will see smoke coming out of your mouth and nostrils.

This happens because the liquid nitrogen evaporates so quickly that it turns into gas. It may seem scary but as long as you don’t break any of the rules posted in the store, it is safe. To smokers, this would be a fun opportunity to showcase some tricks and to those who aren’t, this is also a fun opportunity for them to pretend that they are. If you’re going to try this out, one must have a camera with them for a complete experience.

Despite the wait, the lack of space for other customers and the poor service, I can’t wait for this business to grow so its full potential may be unleashed. It will test your patience but they will prove to you that it is worth the wait.

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