Lip and cheek tint is a love-hate relationship. It’s either you will love it or hate it. It takes a while to get the correct shade, thickness and application. If you do it right it, you will save money and time. There are a number of lips, and cheeks tint that came out from every cosmetic counter you can think of. It has different names sometimes they are called lip, and cheek stain, moist, color etc.

The whole purpose of it is to use just one item for lips and cheeks. From my experience, there is only one brand that has become a staple of my makeup kit – the Body Shop – lip and cheek stain.

The packaging fits perfectly in cosmetic kits, pouches or even pocket. The Body Shop’s lip and cheek stain is very handy; it comes in an 8ml tube with a doe’s foot applicator. The clear bottle makes it easier to see whether it is time to hit the store.

It has a nice shade on the lips and natural dewy look on cheeks. The more you add tint the darker it becomes. The application can be tricky, but again if you do it right, you will be amazed at how convenient to carry along this tiny bottle. The shade is not over powering, if you are not yet acquainted to tints just dab a little on your cheeks and sweep away. The trick is to start with a very small amount then work on that. Don’t underestimate this tiny bottle it goes a long way. Each bottle lasts for 2-3 months, though it depends on the usage.

The price is very affordable. It retails at Php 795.00. However, when Body Shop is on sale (monthly / quarterly) it’s to buy one gets one so more or less it’s about Php 397.00 each. Since I discovered this stain / tint I don’t carry a lipstick or bulging blush on my bag.

It can be used day to night, and it does last for hours, no need to reapply occasionally. My suggestion, if you haven’t tried the Body Shop lip and cheek stain buy it and use it to believe.

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