Filipinos love pancit and spaghetti, these two are some of the staple food we eat on most occasions we celebrate. Pancit comes in a lot of variety, they differ from the way they’re cooked to the ingredients. I believe it’s the same thing with spaghetti – sweet, Italian and different sauces. Taste of Joy is one of the food chains that I really love. For most, this humble food chain is not really noticeable. It cannot hold a great number of people and it doesn’t have much advertisements, but trust me their food is amazing.

Taste of Joy offers a great variety of food. From pancit and spaghetti to barbecue and other delicacies. They could offer food that can be eaten anytime of the day. They’re very generous when it comes to serving specially with their lomi, pancit and spaghetti. They claim that one order of pancit is only good for 2 pax but it is actually for 3 I think. Their lomi is also one of the best I tasted, and again the serving? Very generous.

They’re branch in Las Piñas is just across one of the biggest malls in the south so a lot of people dine here. Though the place is not suited to hold a great number of diners, I believe it’s just a minor concern. The branch is open and they even have the grilling station situated at the entrance so you can see how the barbecue is cooked. The tapa also is heavenly, it’s not too sweet nor salty. Their lumpia and shanghai also are very delicious.

The chain also offers delivery service so this is a big hit for most people especially those who don’t want to go out to eat. They deliver amazing food to your home or offices. There’s just a little thing that I personally don’t like when it comes to the delivery service. I tried calling them to arrange a delivery, and I did not really like my experience. First time I called was supposedly to have food delivered for our breakfast and I was told that the delivery is going to be scheduled 2 hours from the time I called. Second time I called was to arrange a delivery for lunch (this time I made sure to call 2 hours before noon), to my disappointment I was told that the delivery is going to be scheduled at 1pm. Both times, I cancelled the order.

The delivery service I believe can be improved. Based on my observation whenever I dine at this place is that the riders are probably asked to pick up the veggies and other ingredients someplace else. So I think if this one thing can be worked on and delivery service is improved, then I will give Taste of Joy the five star rating.

Nevertheless, the taste of their food will always grab people’s hearts. Value for money is one thing people would always look for, and it’s one thing this place offer.

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