Do your gums often bleed when you brush? Do your teeth always hurt when you eat anything cold? Is your toothpaste not strong enough to protect your sensitive teeth and gums? Well, it is time for you to use Systema Tooth & Gum Care Intensive Dental Protection toothpaste!

I was born with sensitive teeth and gums. My brother has them too. I think they run in our blood. I have tried several toothpastes but my gums and teeth still get painful whenever I eat ice cream and other frozen delights. I cannot enjoy my food nor finish it. It is like I have an awful cavity with the pain. When I saw this Systema Intensive Dental Protection toothpaste in the grocery store, I gave it a try. Its enticing label (i.e., Japan’s No. 1 toothpaste) and affordable price caught my attention.

With Systema Intensive Dental Protection toothpaste, you will never have a gum infection and toothache again. My brother and I have been using it for two months now and we can say that its ability to lessen gum and tooth sensitivity is genuine and effective. My brother’s gum (right side) used to bleed and swell for some reason. Thanks to Systema for his gum does not swell anymore now! Before I could hardly have a bite of my ice cream or put a spoonful of halo-halo in my mouth straight away. I had to wait till they slightly melted. With the continuous use of Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, my gum and tooth sensitivity has reduced. I love eating ice cream and halo-halo especially these hot and humid days. I can eat anything cold now without worrying about my sensitive teeth and gums.

Systema Intensive Dental Protection toothpaste also protects the teeth from plaque and cavity. Hence, it is all in one. It takes care of both gums and teeth. One more thing I like about it is its icy mint taste. It has a soothing effect on the tongue and mouth. It gives one a fresher breath. I proudly recommend it to both adults and children with sensitive teeth and gums. It just costs 58 Php per (90 g) box. It is far cheaper than the other sensitive toothpastes, right?

So say good bye to tooth and gum sensitivity now! Do not deprive yourself of the food you want to eat but you cannot because of your sensitive teeth and gums. Try Systema Intensive Dental Protection toothpaste now and enjoy your cone of favorite ice cream anytime!

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6 years ago

Problem is po nalugi ang Lion Philippines (makers or distributors of Systema in the Philippines)
Im really annoyed because i only discovered this toothpaste around august of 2016 and it really really works to relieve me of my gum problems like swelling, pain underneah the gum line and it actually healed my gums.
The dentist diagnosed that i have periodontal disease. I needed intensive cleaning every 3 months. He was surprised that my plaque even below the gum line is almost like normal buildup compared to what i had months before.
Im just so saddened that system is now gone from the shelves of most supermarkets.

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