When I’m about to go to bed, and get a sudden chocolate craving I treat myself to a hot cup of cocoa. I have a collection of different types of chocolate mixes. The latest one I tried was Swiss Miss Marshmallow 3 in 1 Hot Cocoa Mix.

The individual packet of Swiss Miss Marshmallow 3 in 1 Hot Cocoa Mix (26 g) costs PhP 12.00. Since, this was the first time I was trying this product, I went with the single packet, instead of the entire box.

Swiss Miss Marshmallow 3 in 1 Hot Cocoa Mix is very easy to prepare, but I actually made a mistake, since I didn’t read the directions prior to preparing my hot chocolate drink. What I did was I poured boiling water into my cup, and then added the Swiss Miss Marshmallow mix. After a few seconds, the little marshmallows dissolved in the boiling water. You’re not supposed to use boiling water with this mix, just hot water. So I didn’t get to enjoy the marshmallows at all, which was disappointing, because this was the selling point of this product. And I really love marshmallows, that was the thing that made me want to try this in the first place. The chocolate drink however, was awesome. It tasted like quality chocolate.

This mixture is also made with real milk, so you can also taste the creaminess. I didn’t have to put additional sugar to my cup since the blending of all the ingredients was just perfect. The luscious flavor of the chocolate stays in your mouth. Just make sure that you add just the right amount of water because it will taste bland if you add too much water. On the direction it suggests to add 190 ml of water which amounts to about a cup.

You can also prepare this hot chocolate drink in the microwave. But I personally like sticking to my ritual of boiling a pot of water and waiting for that whistle to signal that the hot water is ready. A cup of Swiss Miss Marshmallow 3 in 1 Hot Cocoa Mix definitely took care of my chocolate craving. The next time I’m in the supermarket I’ll pick up a box. I will also make a mental note to myself not to pour boiling water into the cocoa mix the next time I’m preparing my hot cup of cocoa, so that way I don’t destroy the precious marshmallows.

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