I’ve been looking for an Olympic size pool since I came back to the Philippines last September. Living in Manila and being far away from surf spots, I knew I needed to find a place to keep myself fit and in good paddling condition. That way I don’t have a hard time paddling out when I do get a chance to surf. So I googled 50 meter pools in Manila and immediately decided to try Amoranto first since I have seen it before on the way to my cousin’s house who lives in that area.

I commute so one of the things I look for in a pool is its accessibility via public transportation. It passed that criterion with flying colors since it was just one jeepney ride from my brother’s house in Sta. Cruz Manila. I just hopped on a Jeepney from Espana and got off at the Quezon Avenue and A. Roces intersection. It was a short walk to the stadium from there.

Another thing I found appealing about this place is it was quite clean for a place that only charges Php 25 per session. Very well maintained for a public pool. One other thing I find that is good about this place is that it’s outdoors, which means you don’t inhale too much fumes from chlorine. You also get a nice tan – although I don’t think it’s a positive thing for everyone since the majority of people in Asia doesn’t seem to like to get dark.

On the downside, it gets quite confusing trying to figure out where to go after buying a ticket. I ended up changing and rinsing downstairs in the restroom not knowing there are changing rooms and showers right at the pool area. Another thing that needs improvement in this venue are lockers. There are no lockers to be seen. So I’d advise you to leave your valuables at home or in your case. Although I’ve never lost anything there, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I find it’s best to go there Tuesdays as they do maintenance every Monday. Water’s guaranteed nice and clear every Tuesday. It gets a bit crowded there later in the day from my experience though, so I usually go there in the morning as soon as the place opens – which is 9am. I also found the crowd that time of the day tends to be swimmers who are there to swim laps not to cool off bounce around the middle of the lanes and get in people’s ways. So if you’re looking to workout and do laps, I suggest earlier in the day.

I really enjoyed swimming in this establishment. They could use some improvements though. As a swimmer/sports enthusiast like myself, I rate this place – even after all its shortcomings -a 7 out of 10 stars.

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I'm Jet. Born in the Philippines. Currently lives in Taiwan and travels a lot. Loves surfing. In fact it's what drives me to wake up every morning nowadays. I love meeting new people, unplanned trips and good vibes. That's pretty much "ME" in a nutshell :-)

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  1. How deep is the pool? Im a beginner, is it recommended for training areas for beginners? Thanks!

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