Preparing meals is always a challenge, especially when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Sometimes, I simply resort to eating a sandwich or cooking noodles. I also keep a lot of canned goods in the cupboard since these are easy to cook.

My latest discovery is Swift Ready to Eat Corned Beef. I must admit I did a double take when I saw this on the shelf during the last time I went grocery shopping. This was the first time I was made aware that there was precooked corned beef in a packet available in the market. A packet of Swift Ready to Eat Corned Beef (60g) costs around PhP 12.50 at the supermarket. Since this product is very affordable I thought I would give it a try, so I grabbed a packet and put it in my cart.

The great thing about Swift Ready to Eat Corned Beef is that it’s very easy to prepare. All you have to do is put the packet in a bowl and submerge it in boiling water. Make sure to put a cover on top of the bowl, so the heat doesn’t escape. Wait three minutes. When you pick up the packet from the bowl it will be very hot. What I do is run the packet over the faucet for a few seconds just to cool it down a bit before I open it.

When I first tasted the corned beef right out of the packet I thought the flavor was a bit strong, and the texture was a bit soupy. But then I added it to a mound of hot rice, this brought out the delectable flavors of this dish.

The main difference between Swift Ready to Eat Corned Beef and the one you have to cook is that you usually add vegetables such: garlic, onions, tomatoes and potatoes when you’re sautéing it. This adds additional flavor to the dish. However, Swift Ready to Eat Corned Beef in itself makes for a delicious meal.

The downside to this precooked corned beef is that it is not microwavable, but if you want to take this to work preparing this dish would still be manageable. All you need is a bit of patience, a container to put the packet in, and some hot water.

Overall, I was quite pleased with this dish especially given how affordable it is. Swift Ready to Eat Corned Beef is perfect when you’re on a tight budget and still want to satisfy your craving for a good, hearty, rice meal.

Image courtesy: supermarketlove

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