Are you an outdoor and sporty type of person? Are you fond of hiking, biking, camping or swimming? Well, Suunto Core wrist-top computer watch is something that is best for you and I will tell you why.

On my last birthday my dad sent me a gift. It was Suunto Core wrist-top computer watch! At first, I thought it was just a typical digital wrist watch. But to my surprise it was something else. When I pressed its knobs, I discovered its unbelievably amazing features!

I love this Suunto Core wrist-top computer watch for several reasons and I am going to share my favorite features with you.

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First, it tells me about the weather condition as well as the temperature wherever I go. With Suunto Core’s barometer and storm alarm, I no longer worry about when to go out or go home from work for fear that it might rain. It usually notifies me half an hour before the rain starts. It also tells me when the sun will rise and set.

Second, Suunto Core tells me how high I am from the ground with its altimeter. I just had a short trip overseas and while on board I was able to know my altitude. It was fabulous!

Third, I am able to know my direction with its compass. I once lent my Suunto Core to my brother when they had a jamboree at school and it helped him a lot. Even his mentors were amused.

Fourth, I can use Suunto Core when I go swimming. I have also heard that it can also be used when snorkeling and shallow diving and I want to try it next time. It is absolutely waterproof. One time I placed it in my pocket and forgot to remove it when I did my laundry. And guess what! It worked like brand new.

Fifth, I can change the strap of Suunto Core with a stylish or colorful one without compromising its performance. I really like its style and lightness too.

These are just some of the awesome features of Suunto Core wrist-top computer watch that other watches do not have. It is worth $ 250 – $ 350 or 11, 000 – 17,000 Php. It may be costly but I guarantee that its features are really high tech. It is like you have a computer around your wrist. I can proudly say that this is the best watch for those who love adventure, traveling and sports like athletes, cops and soldiers.

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