I have outgrown a lot of things from my youth: wearing punk/goth attire, chunky shoes, cheap make-up. I have traded these for a more casual-chic and occasion-appropriate mode of fashion. But there is one thing I could not give up – SHIMMER!

I always manage to throw in something shiny. What can I say, it just instantly perks up my mood. I layer glitter in my nail polish. I accessorize. I choose clothes, bags and shoes that have a touch of shimmer that just puts the right amount of flavor to my style. If other girls are suckers for everything pink, lacy and with ribbons; this is how I am for shiny things. I am that creature who is worse than the myth of the magpie and dragon combined!

This is why it just felt like magic when I first saw Suave’s vibrant shine spray. I bought an 88mL. bottle for PHp 264.95. I managed to chance upon this when I was doing my routine trip to the grocery at Hi-Top. It’s a product that is made in the US and distributed under Unilever.

Despite my excitement I still managed to check if the product contained any sulfur. My hair is re bonded; and I spent quite a fortune I should say. I was extra cautious not to use hair products that contained sulfur. I was on a sulfur-free hair care regiment: Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque.

This bottle infused with light mineral bursts (its just really micro confetti, if you ask me) lives up to its promise of vibrant shine. It is super light-weight, unlike most other hair cuticle products that makes your hair shine but weighs it down . This is the best my hair has ever been: to doesn’t look flat even if my hair is re bonded. The light-weight spray allows for just the right amount of volume and blinding shine that makes the hair look so healthy. What’s more is that it’s non-greasy even if you’ve had it for hours. You don’t have to worry about dandruff or an itchy scalp like when other products sit on your hair for too long.

I love shimmer and the fact that now  I get to wear it in my hair is just amazing…  because that pop of shimmer really makes all the difference!

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