Unlike going to the beach or walking in the mall, visiting a waterfall invokes a special connection to the nature. The only problem is that many of these waterfalls are pretty secluded and tucked away by mother nature.

More will be added to the list below as I continue to visit other waterfalls.

Trekking into the woods, nearly invisible unpaved paths and outdated guide articles seem to be the norm. These and everything else in between make visiting a waterfall prohibitive and rubs away our desire to explore them.

And so I’ve decided to do my own “waterfall chasing” version which focuses not only on my face but also the “how to get there” sort of thing.

If you click the list above, you will be taken to the page where you can find useful information about that waterfall. Yes, it’s far from perfection, data collection is a strange game. I may have missed a few information here and there, but I know that the more I do this the better it gets.

Contributor: Pislat TV©️

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