I used to work night shifts and sometimes it would happen that I wouldn’t get enough hours of sleep during the day time. I would wake up in the evening feeling tired and groggy. These are the times when I would rely on Sting Strawberry Energy Drink to give me a boost of energy.

One of the things that I like about Sting is that it tastes like strawberry soda. It doesn’t have that bitter, medicine after taste, and as soon as you gulp it down, the effects start to kick in, a 330g bottle costs Php 17.50. Drinking this energy drink instantly perks you up, and gives you a burst of energy without making you feel jumpy.

I’ve tried other energy drinks in the past that have made me feel so hyper that I couldn’t even concentrate on doing my tasks. Also, energy drinks that are too heavy on caffeine content can give you a stomach ache. Sting doesn’t have this effect on me. However, I do make sure that I don’t drink Sting on an empty stomach. I snack first on a sandwich or some crackers.

The downside to drinking Sting is that it makes it very hard for you to sleep. When I get home, my routine is that I work out for thirty minutes, just to help me unwind and get all that pent up energy out of my system.

Another side effect of energy drinks is that it can be a bit addictive. I used to drink Sting every day, it helped to wake me up. After a while, it just became a part of my routine but the trouble with this is that my body got used to it that I started feeling sluggish when I didn’t have my daily bottle of energy drink.

Now, I’m doing my best to cut back. Instead of an energy drink, I just drink a mug of coffee to keep me awake. It’s not as effective as Sting because coffee doesn’t really give you that instant burst of energy. I know that an energy drink is not the healthiest addition to my diet, but sometimes, when you have a high-stress job where you need to be alert and your mind needs to be sharp, a bottle of energy drink saves the day.

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