“When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade.” The one who came up with Stellina’s Lemonade must have gotten plenty of lemons, thus, this lemonade that is worthy of praise was made.

The first time I was able to drink Stellina’s Lemonade was when my dad brought home two boxes of it. As of writing, it has two variants, the original lemonade and the pink lemonade. There are 6 bottles per box, having 3 of each variant. I’m not really into lemonade that much since it’s sour, but the packaging is attractive and it seems like it’s a healthy drink so I wanted to try it.

I was able to try drinking both variants. And yes, they are both really sour. The first one I tried was the pink lemonade with cranberry. When I took my first gulp, I thought I don’t want to drink the rest of it anymore. But, after a while, I found myself wanting to taste it again! So I took a few more gulps, then I started getting used to the sourness. I started enjoying its taste.

You can see at the back of the label that they’re proudly stating that this product is made with sunshine and real lemons.  It’s real lemon-y and refreshing! Same goes for the original lemonade which I also tried drinking later on. Personally, I like the pink lemonade more because it’s a little less sour, but the original’s sourness isn’t something you’ll despise either.

The price is just right, it’s actually cheaper and better than most refreshments or thirst quenchers in the market. Of course, like many other refreshments it’s best to drink it when chilled. I am hoping they’ll have more variants under their brand in the future, I would be very much willing to try each of them out! It was quite hard to find this brand in the market a few years ago, but since its taste is being appreciated by many people nowadays, this is now available in leading convenience stores and supermarkets!

If you want to live healthy or maybe you just want to try a new drink, I suggest you to buy yourself this lemonade. You’ll be tasting sunshine and real lemons with Stellina’s Lemonade!

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