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Pages not updated in the past 14 month(s):

  1. Golden Phoenix
  2. KLC Lying-In Clinic
  3. Santa Rosa CHO-I Birthing Center

Pages not updated in the past 15 month(s):

  1. Sohar Spa
  2. Fabia Family Care Clinic
  3. Eva Pasatiempo Gonzales Birthing Clinic And Family Planning
  4. Daet Rural Health Unit-Iii Birthing Center
  5. Canlas Birthing Clinic
  6. Basud Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  7. Amazing Grace Birthing Home
  8. AC Lopez Reproductive Health Care And Lying-In Clinic
  9. Zion Birthing Center
  10. Zion Albay Birthing Home
  11. Tres Marias Birthing Home
  12. Tia Belen Paanakan
  13. Tanchuling College, Inc. Birthing And Wellness Center
  14. San Miguel Lying-In K-Linik
  15. Rinconada Birthing Home
  16. RHU-Tiwi
  17. RHU Polangui Birthing Facility
  18. RHU Guinobatan Bemonc
  19. Paulba Bemonc Facility
  20. Palanog Birthing Home
  21. Oas- Mho Bemonc Facility
  22. Nasisi Lying-In Facility
  23. Mother’s Touch Birthing Home
  24. Mother And Child K-Linik
  25. Mnab Maternity Clinic
  26. MHO – Camalig Birthing Home
  27. Mel Lying In
  28. Mayon Birthing Home
  29. Mary’s Angel Birthing Home
  30. Marilyn Fernandez-Climaco’s Birthing Home
  31. Manito RHU And Lying In Clinic
  32. Malilipot Lying-In
  33. Main Health Center Lying-In K-Linik
  34. Llenaresas Lying-In Clinic
  35. Legazpi Cho Southern District 2 Maternity Lying-In Clinic
  36. Lana’s Birthing Home
  37. Judith Buela Casin’s Birthing Home (Malinao Branch)
  38. Judith Buela Casin’s Birthing Home (Ilawod)
  39. JB’s Birthing Clinic
  40. Irene’s Birthing Home & Lying-In Clinic
  41. House Of Maternity And Family Planning Clinic
  42. GDB Birthing Home
  43. Five-Star Birthing Home
  44. Family Wellness K-Linik
  45. Del Rosario Maternity Clinic
  46. Daraga Lying-In Clinic
  47. Cotmon Birthing Home
  48. Clinica Aban Birthing Home
  49. Children Of Abraham Puericulture Center
  50. Che Birthing Home (Bitano)
  51. Che Birthing Home (Daraga)
  52. Bibal’s Maternity And Family Planning Clinic
  53. Barcenas Birthing Home
  54. Ate Merlie’s Birthing Home
  55. BnJ Grab-A-Massage
  56. Urban Escapes Spa and Wellness
  57. Free-Standing Dialysis Clinics Near Me
  58. Tres Hermanas Lying-in And Medical Clinic
  59. Plumbers Near Me
  60. Costume Shops Near Me

Pages not updated in the past 16 month(s):

  1. PNB Mastercard Vhising – Tatawag Ng Dis-oras Ng Gabi Para Litohin Ka
  2. Mother Of Perpetual Help Birthing Home (Mandaragat)
  3. Citibank Credit Card Scam – Cashback Dahil Sa COVID Pandemic
  4. Amec Birthing Center
  5. Acel Birthing Home
  6. Abraham Maternity House
  7. A. Daza – Rances Lying-In Clinic
  8. Santa Fe Rural Health Unit & Family Planning Center
  9. San Fernando RHU
  10. Orione Maternity Clinic
  11. Magdiwang Rural Health Unit
  12. Clinica Fineza
  13. Alcantara RHU
  14. Taytay Rural Health Unit
  15. Sto. Nino Birthing Home
  16. St. Gerard Birthing Home
  17. St. Anne Birthing Clinic
  18. San Vicente Rural Health Unit
  19. Narra Municipal Health Office
  20. Mangingisda Satellite Clinic And Birthing Facility
  21. Luke Society Birthing Home
  22. Lazo Medical Clinic And Birthing Home
  23. J & M Birthing Home
  24. Coron Municipal Health Office
  25. Boglosa’s Birthing Home
  26. Blessed Mary Lying- In Clinic
  27. Bemonc-Samarinana
  28. Victoria Rural Health Unit
  29. Vertucio Medical Clinic
  30. St. Anne Medical Clinic And Birthing Home
  31. Socorro Rural Health Unit
  32. RHU Bansud
  33. RHU – Puerto Galera Birthing House (Paanakan)
  34. Paanakan Sa Calapan
  35. Naujan Municipal Health Office
  36. Municipal Health Office Of Pola
  37. Gloria Municipal Health Office
  38. Baco Municipal Health Office
  39. Wilada Birthing Home
  40. Sta. Cruz Rural Health Unit
  41. San Jose Public Health And Diagnostic Center
  42. Sablayan Rural Health Unit North Extension
  43. Sablayan Rural Health Unit – South Extension
  44. Sablayan Rural Health Unit
  45. Ministries Without Borders Philippines, Inc
  46. LGHU Lubang / Tagbac BHS
  47. LGU Lubang / Lubang RHU
  48. Ermina Tugade Villaram Lying-In Clinic
  49. Dr. Franco S. Barrera Memorial Health Center
  50. Calintaan Rural Health Unit
  51. Women’s Care Clinic
  52. VLS St. Magdalene Birthing Home Corp.
  53. Tuy Rural Health Unit And Birthing Facility
  54. Tuy Maternity Clinic
  55. Taysan Rural Health Unit/Municipal Government Of Taysan
  56. Landbank Phishing Email – May Pending Fund Transfer At Ito’y Naka Schedule Ng I-Padala
  57. Scam Calls – Ginawa Kang Alternate Number Sa Kaibigang Hindi Nakabayad Sa Utang
  58. Talisay Health Center And Birthing Home
  59. Taal Rural Health Unit / Municipality Of Taal, Batangas / Taal Birthing Home
  60. St. Raphael Lying In Clinic
  61. St. John Women’s Clinic And Birthing Home
  62. St. Gerald Granja Birthing Home, Inc.
  63. St. Dorothy Of Caesarea Lying-In Clinic
  64. St. Bernard Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  65. Shifra Maternity Care And Lying In Clinic
  66. Semiona Maternity Clinic Co.
  67. San Roque Lying-In And Birthing Homes
  68. San Luis RHU
  69. San Juan Birthing Clinic
  70. Saint Light Birthing Home & Medical Clinic (Nasugbu)
  71. Saint Light Birthing Home & Medical Clinic (Calatagan)
  72. Rosario Rural Health Unit
  73. RMD Maternity Clinic
  74. Puah Maternity Clinic
  75. Ours Birthing Home
  76. Our Lady Of Beautiful Love Clinic & Birthing Home
  77. Nancy B. Manilay Birthing Home
  78. Mother Of Perpetual Help Birthing Home
  79. Moms Birthing Home
  80. Midsouth Lying-In And Maternity Clinic
  81. Mcmarasigan Lying-In Clinic
  82. Manuela Maternity Clinic Inc.
  83. Luna-Lacsamana Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  84. Lian Lying-In And Medical Clinic
  85. JLS Birthing Home And Lying In Clinic
  86. Ilagan – Cadalzo Lying In Clinic Corp.
  87. Holy Spirit Maternity And Lying-Inn Clinic
  88. Holy Queen Maternity Lying-In & Medical Clinic, Inc.
  89. Holy Angel Of God Lying In Clinic
  90. Girlie’s Birthing Home
  91. Enlyn’s Birthing Home
  92. Dra. Melisa R. Lim’s Maternity And Lying In
  93. Divina Pastora Lying-In Clinic
  94. Diane’s Maternity And Lying In Clinic
  95. City Of Sto. Tomas, Batangas – Rural Health Unit
  96. City Government Of Tanauan-Sambat Birthing Home
  97. City Government Of Tanauan-Pagaspas Birthing Home
  98. Carmen’s Birthing Home
  99. Biyaya Ng Buhay Lying In Clinic
  100. Birthing/Bemonc Facility Of The Municipal Health Office Of Lian
  101. Birhen Ng Escalera Birthing Home & Maternity Clinic
  102. Bauan (RHU II) Birthing Facility
  103. Batangas City Government / San Isidro Health Center And Birthing Facility
  104. Balayan Mary Immaculate Maternity Clinic, Inc.
  105. Zoleta Community Birthing Home
  106. YHK Lying-In Clinic
  107. Villa Jeehanah Lying-In Clinic
  108. Vaya Condeo Leah Maternity Clinic
  109. Sta. Catalina De Siena Lying-In Clinic
  110. St. Catherine Lying-In Clinic
  111. Sariaya RHU Tumbaga 1 Birthing Home
  112. Sariaya RHU Sampaloc 2 Birthing Home
  113. Sariaya RHU Birthing Home
  114. Sariaya RHU Bignay 1 Birthing Home
  115. S.R. Reyes Lying-In Clinic
  116. Rural Health Unit Of San Andres, Quezon
  117. Rural Health Unit Of Pagbilao (Sentrong Pangkalusugan)
  118. RHU-Lucban Birthing Facility
  119. RHU-Birthing Home Of General Luna
  120. RHU- Plaridel
  121. RHU Municipal Birthing Home
  122. RHU Catanauan And Lying-In Clinic
  123. Red V Maternity Hospital, Inc.
  124. Raneses Reyes Lying-In Clinic
  125. Prominent Clinic
  126. Princess Anne Kristel Birthing Home
  127. Padre Burgos RHU Birthing Home
  128. Our Lady Of Good Remedy Lying-In Clinic
  129. Our Lady Of Candelaria Lying-In Clinic (Concepcion I)
  130. Our Lady Of Candelaria Lying-In Clinic (Catalina Sur)
  131. Our Lady Of Candelaria Lying-In Clinic (Poblacion)
  132. OLC Lying-In Clinic
  133. Olav Lying-In Clinc
  134. Nuestra Senora De Regla Lying-In Clinic
  135. Municipal Health Office Rizaliana Birthing Home
  136. Mary Justine Maternity And Birthing Home
  137. Mangilag Sur Lying-In Clinic
  138. Malanom Lying In Clinic
  139. Maharlika Lying In
  140. Macalelon Rural Health Unit
  141. Lucky Angels Lying-In
  142. Lagalag Lying-In Clinic
  143. Jon Ron Lying-In Clinic
  144. Immaculate Conception Birthing Facility
  145. Hiyasmin Birthing Home
  146. Guinayangan Municipal Health Office Lying-In Center
  147. Gleceria L. Wagan Maternity Clinic
  148. Gifted Hands Maternity And Birthing Clinic
  149. Genesis Lying-In Clinic
  150. Dolores Lying In Clinic
  151. Connie Wellness Lying-In Clinic
  152. City Health Office Of Tayabas – Bhs Isabang
  153. City Health Office Of Tayabas – Bhs Ibabang Palale
  154. City Health Office Of Tayabas – Bhs Angustias
  155. CHO-Lucena Ibabang Dupay Lying In Center
  156. CHO-Lucena Dalahican Health And Birthing Home
  157. CHO-Lucena Cotta Lying In
  158. Blessings Maternity And Lying-In
  159. Ayala OB Gyn Clinic
  160. Anghelica Bahay Paanakan
  161. Alidio Maternity And Lying In Clinic
  162. Von-Arab Maternity & Lying-In Clinic
  163. Virgen De La Paloma Medical Clinic And Lying-In
  164. Unified Midwives Maternity Clinic
  165. Tita Beth Paanakan
  166. Tiny Toe Lying In Clinic
  167. Tagapo Maternity Clinic & Laboratory
  168. Taborada Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  169. Susan Templo’s Maternity Services
  170. Sto. Tomas Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  171. Phishing Email – Update Bank Details For Security And Safety
  172. BDO ATM Forgot Password Phishing – Ibi-Verify Or Else Ma Lockdown Yung Account
  173. Mobile Phone Installment Scam – Affordable Down Payment
  174. Fraud Alert PH
  175. Investment Scam – Mataas Na Interest Inaalok
  176. Mobile ELoad Fraud – Send Eload Para Ma Claim Ang Raffle Price
  177. Credit Card Fraud – Ginamit Upang Bumili Ng Online Raffle Ticket
  178. Baby Loves Birth And Health Center Inc
  179. Pwede Bang Maligo Matapos Naturukan ng COVID-19 Vaccine?
  180. Pwede Bang Uminum ng Kape Matapos Naturukan ng COVID-19 Vaccine?
  181. Pwede Bang Uminum ng Alak Matapos Naturukan ng COVID-19 Vaccine?
  182. Likhaan Center For Women’s Health, Inc. (Navotas Branch)
  183. A.P.M. Birthing Home
  184. Competente’s Birthing Home & Medical Clinic

Pages not updated in the past 19 month(s):

  1. Sta. Maria Bemonc Facility
  2. Sta. Cruz RHU Birthing Home
  3. St. Gerard Mother And Child Care, Inc.
  4. SMMC Paanakan
  5. Siniloan RHU – Birthing Clinic
  6. Santa Maria Rural Health Unit Birthing Home
  7. Santa Maria Birthing Home
  8. Rural Health Unit Kalayaan Birthing Clinic (Paanakan)
  9. RMDC Charmed Medical And Lying-In Clinic
  10. Ramelin Maternity Clinic
  11. Pila Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  12. Peachy Lying-In Clinic
  13. Pangil Rural Health Unit Birthing Clinic (Paanakan)
  14. Paete Rural Health Unit
  15. Paanakang Bayan Ng Magdalena
  16. Our Lady Polyclinic & Lying-In
  17. O.V. Maternity Clinic
  18. Nerie’s Birthing Home Clinic
  19. Mother Ignacia Birthing Clinic
  20. Mom’s Miracle Maternity Clinic
  21. Mom’s Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  22. Mommy Care Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  23. Minimhe Lying-In Clinic
  24. MHM Maternity Lying-In Clinic
  25. Mercado Lying-In And Maternity Clinic
  26. Marilou C. Rivera Maternity Services
  27. Mami Nita Paanakan
  28. Madre Y El Nino Maternity And Lying In Clinic
  29. Mabitac Birthing Clinic
  30. M.C.V. Midwifery Services
  31. M.B. Exconde Well-Family Midwife Clinic
  32. Liliw Rural Health Lying-In
  33. Jope Maternity Clinic
  34. JCM Bahay Paanakan
  35. Happy Life Maternity Lying In Clinic
  36. Green Pasture Specialists Clinic & Pharmacy
  37. Great Mom’s Maternity Clinic
  38. Good Servant Maternity Services
  39. GNM Bahay Paanakan
  40. Gavino Y. Alvarez Lying-In Center
  41. Fernandez-Breva Medical & Dental Clinic
  42. Estrada-Candido Maternity Lying In Clinic
  43. Elsa Abuel Angara Lying-In Family Planning Clinic
  44. EBT Lying-In Clinic
  45. Dr. R.M. Reyes Maternity Care And Clinic
  46. Dr. Dinah Bernardo Mother And Child Maternity Clinic Co., Inc.
  47. Doray’s Paanakan
  48. Concepcion-Balagtas Dichoso Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  49. CMC Lying In-Clinic (Carefore Mother And Child)
  50. City Of Calamba Birthing Facility (Barangay VII)
  51. City Of Calamba Birthing Facility (Punta)
  52. City Health Office II – Lying-in Clinic
  53. Cardel Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  54. BNR Maternity Services
  55. Blessedwomb Lying-In And Maternity Clinic (Mamatid)
  56. Blessedwomb Lying-In And Maternity Clinic (Banaybanay)
  57. Birthright Medical And Maternity Clinic
  58. Berks Eight Lying-In Clinic
  59. Baby On The Way Maternity Clinic
  60. Ate Jona’s Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  61. Ate Aloy’s Paanakan
  62. Angel Care Birthing Home Clinic
  63. Amsi Doctors’ Lying In Center
  64. Amber Birthing Home
  65. Wowa Lying In Clinic
  66. Women’s Clinic Pilipinas
  67. Wilma B. Alcantara Birthing Clinic
  68. Wellwin Maternity Clinic
  69. Vivian Gawaran Ramirez Lying-In Clinic
  70. Violy’s Birthing Clinic
  71. V.M. Castro Maternity Clinic
  72. Trece Martires City Health Office Birthing Home
  73. Tibig Barangay Health Station And Lying-In
  74. Thessalonians Lying In Clinic
  75. Tendencia Medical & Maternity Lying-In Clinic
  76. Tejero Medical & Maternity Clinic
  77. Tanza Municipal Health Center Lying-In Clinic
  78. Tagle-Rojas Maternity & Lying-In Clinic
  79. Susana’s Birthing Clinic
  80. Susana Birthing Home
  81. Sta. Isabel Lying-In
  82. Sta. Barbara Lying-In Clinic
  83. St. Therese Maternity Clinic
  84. St. Gerald Maternity & Lying In Clinic
  85. Silverio-Batoc Lying-In Clinic
  86. Sheila Manipis Ramos Lying-In Clinic
  87. Shainken Lying-In Clinic
  88. Sarinas-Satsatin Maternity And Medical Clinic
  89. Sanchez Maternity Clinic And Birthing Home
  90. Sampaloc Birthing Home
  91. Saint Mary Lying In Clinic
  92. RVP Lying-In Clinic
  93. Rosario Maternity And Medical Emergency Clinic
  94. Rona Cruz Lying-In And Family Clinic
  95. Rocillo Maternity Clinic
  96. Rizza-Glen Lying-In
  97. Rentosa Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  98. R.P. Diaz Well Family Midwife Clinic
  99. R. S. Punzalan Multispecialty And Diagnostic Clinic
  100. Queensrow Central Maternity & Lying-In Clinic
  101. Queen’s Crown Lying-In Clinic
  102. Princhel Pink Lying-In Clinic
  103. Pernala-Delos Santos Lying-In Clinic
  104. Paradahan Maternity Lying-In And Medical Clinic
  105. Pamposa Bluestar Maternity Lying-In Clinic
  106. Palar Palar Maternity And Lying In Clinic
  107. NSDS Birthing Home Clinic
  108. Mc Shield Massage Spa
  109. Norma Vina’s Maternity Lying Inn Clinic
  110. Nora L. Alano Lying-In Clinic
  111. New Mom’s Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  112. New Born Lying In Clinic
  113. Nenita Ramos Lying-In Clinic
  114. Naic Rural Health Lying-In Clinic
  115. Naic Holy Spirit Medical & Lying In Clinic
  116. N.C. Cotoner Lying-In Clinic
  117. N.B. Segodine Lying-In Clinic
  118. Mother’s Love Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  119. Mother Care Maternity Clinic
  120. Mother And Child’s Cradle Of Health
  121. Monamy’s Birthing Home
  122. Mom & Daughter Lying-In Clinic (San Roque)
  123. Mom & Daughter Lying-In Clinic (Indang)
  124. Mom & Daughter Lying In-Clinic (Lontoc)
  125. Miraflor R. Amurao Well Family Midwife Clinic
  126. Ministries Without Borders Philippines, Inc.
  127. Mhine Lying In Clinic
  128. Merciful Heart Of Mary Lying-In Clinic
  129. Mercedes Family Clinic & Lying In
  130. Mendez RHU Birthing Home
  131. MDR Ob-Gyn Clinic
  132. Mary Magdalene Medical, Surgical And Lying In Clinic
  133. Maragondon Rural Health Unit Lying-in Clinic
  134. Manipis Lying-In & Maternity Clinic (Kiamzon)
  135. Manipis Lying-In & Maternity Clinic (Lalaan)
  136. Mamita Birthing Clinic
  137. Mama Mary Maternity Lying-In Clinic
  138. Magallanes Rural Health Unit And Lying In Clinic
  139. M.S. Fuentes Lying-In Clinic
  140. M.B. Porto’s Lying In Clinic
  141. Lumil Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  142. Luchel’s Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  143. LTP Lying-In Clinic (Paliparan)
  144. LTP Lying-In Clinic (Ilano)
  145. Lourdes Pacumio Lying-In & Family Care Clinic
  146. Lorna Del Mundo Lying In Clinic
  147. Longos Zapote V Lying-In Clinic
  148. Living Hope Maternity & Child Care Clinic
  149. KRB Maternity, Adult And Child Clinic
  150. Keiden Lying-In Clinic
  151. Julugan Lying-In And Maternity Clinic
  152. Jovie Herrera Lying-In Clinic
  153. Josephine J. Aguila-Lasac Lying-In Clinic
  154. Jesucita M. Baybay Lying-In Clinic
  155. Jenny Potente Lying-In Clinic
  156. Jennifer A. Medillo Lying-In Clinic
  157. J.R.J. Medical Lying-In Clinic
  158. J.C.B. Dones Maternity Clinic
  159. Inocencio Birthing Home
  160. Indang Rural Health Unit Birthing Home
  161. Imus Birthing Home I
  162. Health Index Multispecialty And Lying- In Clinic
  163. Gwin Lying-In Clinic
  164. Green Diamond Lying-In Clinic
  165. Grace La Salle Lying In Clinic (Pag-Asa)
  166. Grace La Salle Lying In Clinic (Maliksi)
  167. Gma Medical And Lying-In Clinic
  168. Gladys Lying In Clinic
  169. Giver Maternity And Lying In Clinic
  170. Gina O. Sta. Rita Lying-In Clinic
  171. Gina E. Gala Lying-In Clinic
  172. Geonil’s Maternity & Lying-In Clinic
  173. General Mariano Alvarez- Municipal Birthing Clinic (Gma-Mbc)
  174. G.L. Poniente Maternity Clinic
  175. G.F. Cabuhat Lying In Clinic
  176. Fonseca’s Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  177. Flor Manalo Lying-In Clinic
  178. F.L.T.S. Lying-In Clinic
  179. EVU Lying In Clinic
  180. Estella Lying-In Clinic
  181. Esperanza Birthing Home
  182. ERS Maternity & Pediatric Care Clinic
  183. Elisa C. Concepcion Lying-In Clinic
  184. Dream Child Lying-In Clinic
  185. Dolly’s Lying-In Clinic
  186. DGS Maternity Lying In Clinic
  187. Dasmarinas City Health Office I Lying-In Clinic
  188. Cueco Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  189. Cuddles And Cribs Lying-In Clinic
  190. Cristy Ramos Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  191. Cristina S. Fernandez RM Lying-In Clinic
  192. Cotoner’s Lying In & Maternity Clinic
  193. Costa Verde Medical Maternity And Diagnostic Services
  194. Corpuz Lying In Clinic
  195. CNSH Birthing Home Clinic
  196. Cavite Birthing Home And Animal Bite Center
  197. Calibuyo Lying-In Clinic
  198. Bunyi Children & Maternity Clinic
  199. Bucal Lying In And Maternity Clinic
  200. Birthwell Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  201. Bien P. Rentoy Lying-In Clinic
  202. Beullah Maternity Clinic
  203. Betonio-Bacunata Medical Clinic Inc.
  204. Belen Guelos Lying-In Clinic
  205. B-Care Maternity Clinic, Inc.
  206. Bayos Lying-In Clinic
  207. Baldovino Medical Family Clinic (Hillsview)
  208. Baldovino Medical Family Clinic (Ibayo)
  209. Baldovino Medical Family Clinic (Governor’s Drive)
  210. Bailen Multispecialty And Maternity Clinic
  211. Bagong Buhay Lying In Clinic
  212. Babykind Maternity Clinic
  213. Baby Joy Maternity And Lying In Clinic
  214. Baby And Me Maternity & Lying In Clinic (Anabu)
  215. Baby And Me Maternity & Lying In Clinic (Tirona)
  216. B.M. Satur Lying-In Clinic
  217. Au M. Atienza Bahay Paanakan (Paliparan)
  218. Au M. Atienza Bahay Paanakan (Batuhan)
  219. Ate Jo Kuan ABC Maternity Clinic
  220. Ar-Jen Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  221. Angel’s Crib Lying-In And Maternity Clinic
  222. Amigacare Lying-In Clinic Co.
  223. Amaya Excelcare Lying-In And Poly Clinic
  224. Alvizo-Durante Lying-In Maternity Clinic
  225. Alarcon Maternity Clinic
  226. Agape Lying-In Clinic
  227. A-Core Medical & Maternity Lying-In Clinic
  228. Achaah’s Lying In Clinic
  229. A.V.S. Lying-In Clinic
  230. A.R. Pamposa Medical Clinic And Lying-In
  231. Tubban-Lab Obgyne And Medical Diagnostic Center
  232. Sta. Cruz RHU II And Birthing Clinic
  233. St. Margaret Lying-In Clinic
  234. San Marcelino Birthing Clinic
  235. RHU I Botolan Birthing Home
  236. Remedios Women’s Health Clinic (Subic)
  237. Remedios Women’s Health Clinic (Olongapo)
  238. Orario’s Birthing Home
  239. Masinloc Municipal Health Office
  240. Liza Fredeluces De Castro Birthing Home
  241. Ega Prenatal Clinic & Birthing Home
  242. Castillejos Rural Health Unit
  243. Zarah P. Velasco Lying-In Clinic
  244. Yohanah Multispecialty Clinic
  245. Y. Castaneda’s Birthing Home
  246. Victoria RHU I & Maternity Lying-In Clinic
  247. The Malazo’s Christian Birthing Home
  248. San Manuel Birthing Clinic
  249. San Clemente RHU Birthing Station
  250. Rural Health Unit And Lying-In Clinic
  251. R.Y. Faustino Maternity And Birthing Clinic
  252. R.P. Miguel Birthing Station
  253. R.A. Aguinaldo Birthing Home & Maternity Clinic
  254. Pura Rural Health Unit Birthing Station
  255. Prescila Aguilar Lying-In Clinic
  256. MG Lagmay Lying-In Clinic
  257. Mayantoc Rural Health Unit
  258. Lady Irithel Lying-In Clinic
  259. La Paz Rural Health Unit II
  260. Imelda D. Dizon Lying-In Clinic
  261. Gerona RHU II Birthing Station
  262. Gerona Maternity Clinic
  263. Gerona Birthing Station 1
  264. FNJ Birthing Home Station
  265. Floresca Birthing Clinic
  266. Ferrer Midwife Managed Care Clinic
  267. Faith Birthing Home Clinic
  268. Dapdap Resettlement Birthing Facility
  269. Concepcion Birthing Clinic
  270. City Health Center 5- Mapalacsiao Birthing Home
  271. CDLJ Birthing Clinic
  272. Capas RHU II Birthing Station
  273. Capas RHU I Birthing Station
  274. Camiling Birthing Clinic
  275. Balanditan Lying-In Clinic
  276. Annabelle F. Lingat Lying-In Clinic
  277. Amelia D. Capili Lying-In Clinic
  278. 3RMB Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  279. YS Estrada Birthing Clinic
  280. The Family Planning Organization Of The Phils Inc
  281. Sto. Tomas Maternal And Child Health Clinic
  282. Sta. Rita Birthing Station
  283. Sta. Catalina Birthing Clinic
  284. Sonia M. Zabala Birthing Home Clinic
  285. San Simon Rural Health Unit
  286. San Rafael RHU II Macabebe
  287. San Pedro Birthing Home Clinic
  288. San Nicolas Birthing Station No. 4
  289. San Luis Rural Health Unit I
  290. San Agustin Birthing Station No. 5
  291. Rural Health Unit I – Arayat
  292. Rural Health Unit – 5
  293. Rosalinda S. Umali Birthing Home
  294. RGB Family Medical & Lying-In Clinic
  295. RCM Lying – In Clinic
  296. Our Lady Of Dela O Birthing Clinic
  297. Olivia E. Vergara Birthing Home Clinic
  298. Ob Care Birthing Clinic Co.
  299. Nanaycare Inc
  300. Mother Bles ABD Birthing Clinic
  301. ML And Aj Lying-In Clinic
  302. Minerva M. Dizon Birthing Home Clinic
  303. Minalin Rural Health Unit & Lying-In Clinic
  304. Miguel P. Morales Birthing Station
  305. Mexico RHU IV Birthing Clinic
  306. Merlinda Ibe Lising Birthing Home Clinic
  307. MCR Lying-In Clinic
  308. Marilyn A. Maglalang Birthing Clinic
  309. Macabebe Rural Health Unit I And Birthing Facility
  310. LVG Ob-Gyn Clinic & Lying-In
  311. Lubao RHU III Birthing Clinic
  312. Janet P. Pangan Lying-In Clinic
  313. I.T.B. Lying-In Clinic
  314. Holy Care Birthing Home And Maternity Center
  315. Gloria G. Pineda Lying-In Clinic
  316. Esmeralda Q. Velasquez Birthing Clinic
  317. E.S. Aquino’s Medical Clinic
  318. Divine Grace Birthing Home
  319. Cynthia G. Limongco Birthing Clinic
  320. Cristina S. Calaguas Lying-In Clinic
  321. Cresilda Birthing Home Clinic (Timog Park)
  322. Cresilda Birthing Home Clinic (Abacan)
  323. Clinica Deala Family & Maternity Clinic
  324. Clabjanfaith Birthing Home Clinic
  325. Zeitaku Wellness Spa
  326. Eureka Massage Spa
  327. Pwede Po Bang Magpabakuna Ng COVID-19 Kung Merong COVID-19 o Tapos Ng Ma-COVID?
  328. Bakit Kailangan Ang COVID-19 Booster Shot?
  329. Bulanadi Lying-in Clinic
  330. Birthwise Lying-In Clinic
  331. Birthing Station 3 – San Jose
  332. Birthing Station – 1, Sindalan
  333. Bethsaida Birthing Home Clinic
  334. Bacud Maternity Clinic & Birthing Home
  335. Bacolor Rural Health Unit-I Birthing Facility
  336. Ayrin’s Birthing Clinic
  337. Aurora Q. Tungul Birthing Home Clinic
  338. Apalit Rural Health Unit I Birthing Clinic
  339. San Isidro RHU Birthing Clinic
  340. Rizal Rural Health Unit I
  341. RHU III San Pascual Maternity Lying-In
  342. RHU II Santa Rosa Birthing Facility
  343. RHU II San Ricardo Maternity Lying-In
  344. RHU I Talavera Paanakang Pambayan
  345. RHU I Birthing Clinic Sta. Rosa
  346. RHU Birthing Facility – Penaranda
  347. Licab RHU & Birthing Station
  348. City Health Office Panganakan Ng San Jose
  349. Nagkakasakit Ba Ng COVID-19 Ang Mga Alagang Aso at Pusa?
  350. Shirly M. Formentos Lying In Clinic
  351. S.V.B. Lying-in Clinic

Pages not updated in the past 18 month(s):

  1. Pagsanjan Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  2. Sandia Massage Spa

Pages not updated in the past 20 month(s):

  1. Annie’s Lying-In Clinic (San Jose)
  2. Ceneca Birthing Home Clinic
  3. Camachiles Birthing Home Clinic
  4. Calara Birthing Clinic
  5. Cahili Birthing Facility
  6. Cabel Birthing Home
  7. Amethyst V. Castro Birthing Home
  8. Aizha D. Flores Birthing Home
  9. Zaragoza Maternity Clinic
  10. Yabot-Macapagal Birthing Home & Polyclinic
  11. Triple M Pre-Natal & Screening Services
  12. Three G’s Birthing Home
  13. Sweet Angel Lying-In And Birthing Home
  14. Sto. Domingo Rural Health Unit II And Lying-In Clinic
  15. Sto. Domingo RHU I And Lying-In Clinic
  16. Sta. Catalina Birthing Home
  17. St. Mary Rose Maternity & Lying-In Clinic
  18. Rural Birthing Residence- LGU Cabiao
  19. RHU 1 Maternity Lying-In Zaragoza
  20. RHU – Gabaldon Birthing Station
  21. R.A. Eduardo Lying-In & Maternity Clinic
  22. Nampicuan Birthing Station
  23. Mesina Lying-In Clinic
  24. Marzan Lying – In Maternity Clinic
  25. Mapalad Birthing Facility
  26. M.D.S. Birthing Home
  27. Lomboy Maternity Clinic
  28. Llanera Rural Health Unit
  29. Little Star Midwife Clinic
  30. Kaiselle Birthing Clinic
  31. I.G. Santiago’s Maternity Clinic
  32. General Tinio Rural Health Unit I
  33. General Mamerto Natividad Lying-In Clinic
  34. Four J’s Birthing Home Clinic
  35. Faiths Lying-In Clinic
  36. F. Quiambao-Dayao Lying-In Clinic
  37. Chit’s Lying-In Clinic
  38. Briones-Escuadro Women’s Health Clinic
  39. Bongabon Municipal Health Center Birthing Facility RHU I
  40. Bondoc Lying-In Clinic
  41. Holy Mary Lying-In Clinic (Meycauayan)
  42. Annie’s Lying-In Clinic (Munoz)
  43. Alicia V. Nunez Lying-In Clinic (San Jose)
  44. Alicia V. Nunez Lying-In Clinic (Cabanatuan)
  45. Zamora Medical Clinic
  46. Zafra Paraiso Birthing Clinic
  47. VMCD Medical – Lying-In Clinic
  48. Viloria Well-Family Midwife Clinic
  49. Twin Angels’ Birthing Home
  50. Tina Gerona Lying-In Clinic
  51. Sumapang Bata Birthing Clinic
  52. Sto. Nino Midwife Clinic
  53. St. Norbert Medical Clinic
  54. St. Norbert Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  55. St. Martha Maternity Clinic Corp.
  56. St. Jude-Tenejero Maternity & Lying-In Clinic
  57. St. Claire Clinic Dr. Arlyn Dp Gabriel Ob-Gyne
  58. Sibug Lying-In Clinic
  59. Sherlyn Tayson Ira Birthing Clinic
  60. Santa Matilda Birthing And Family Planning Clnic
  61. San Rafael Rural Health Unit III Birthing Station
  62. San Padre Pio Birthing Home And Polyclinic
  63. San Ildefonso Rural Health Unit I
  64. Sala De Maternidad Lying-In And Maternity Clinic
  65. Saint Fatima Maternity Clinic
  66. Sacdalan-Ramajo Lying-In Clinic
  67. Rural Health Unit IV Plaridel Bulacan – Lying-in Clinic
  68. Rosalie Midwifery Clinic
  69. Ronquillo Maternity Clinic
  70. Ronnie’s Lying – In Clinic
  71. RJ Linneth Lying-In Clinic
  72. RHU I Baliwag Maternity & Lying-In Clinic
  73. RHU I Amado V. Aldaba Memorial Health Center – Lying-in Clinic
  74. Reymalyn Maternity And Diagnostic Clinic
  75. Remedios Espinola Gonzales Lying In Clinic
  76. Rachelle Birthing Clinic
  77. R.A. Fariola Birthing Home (Midwife Clinic)
  78. R. Nieto Medical Clinic & Diagnostic Laboratory
  79. Queen Mary Birthing Home Clinic
  80. Promise Child Birthing Home & Family Planning Clinic
  81. Precy Roque Lying-In Clinic
  82. Plaridel Rural Health Unit III – Lying-in Clinic
  83. Pandi Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  84. Pabahay De Arkangel Polyclinic – Lying-in Clinic
  85. Neziah Rei Lying-In Clinic
  86. Neriza Cruz Maternity Clinic
  87. Nerissa P. Lopez Midwife Clinic
  88. Nanay Ko Po Lying-In Clinic
  89. Mother’s Touch Birthing Clinic
  90. Mother Therese Mother’s Clinic – Lying-In
  91. Mary And Child Lying-In Clinic
  92. Flor G. Tayson Birthing Homes (Malolos)
  93. Mangahas Lying-In
  94. Manalo-Cruz Maternity & Lying-In Clinic
  95. Malolos Sto. Tomas Mother & Child Clinic
  96. M. Cruz Lying-In Clinic
  97. M. Bautista Maternity & Lying – In Clinic
  98. Ludyvina Estrada Maternity And Lying-In Clinc
  99. Lozano Well Family Midwife Clinic
  100. Loving Moms Birthing Home
  101. Little Saints Birthing Clinic
  102. Lias’ Clinica Hernandez – Lying-in Clinic
  103. Lef Midwife Clinic
  104. Lef Maternity Clinic Co
  105. Lady Princess Maternity & Lying-In Clinic
  106. Klinika Ni Inay
  107. Kenwalys Lying-In Clinic II
  108. Kenwalys Lying-In Clinic I
  109. JLS Pregnancy Care Center & Birthing Home
  110. Jesus Nazarene Lying-In Clinic
  111. Jessie’s Maternity Clinic
  112. Jennifer B. Alcaraz Lying-In Clinic
  113. JDG Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  114. JCJN Maternal & Child Care Clinic
  115. J.A. Gonzales Maternity & Lying-In Clinic
  116. HRZ Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  117. Holy Mary Lying-In Clinic (Marilao)
  118. His Bulacan Corporation
  119. Hagonoy Rural Health Unit III – Lying-in Clinic
  120. Hagonoy RHU IV Lying-In
  121. Guiguinto Rural Health Unit II – Lying-in Clinic
  122. Guiguinto Rural Health Unit I – Lying-in Clinic
  123. GMC Birthing Home Clinic
  124. Flor G. Tayson Birthing Homes
  125. El Bulakena Maternity Clinic
  126. E.M. Alejandro’s Midwife Clinic
  127. E. Lopez Birthing Home And Family Planning Clinic
  128. Dr. Mae Ann P. Sebastian-Nicolas Maternity & Ultrasound Clinic
  129. Dr. Jessica Arcega Ob-Gyne And Lying-In Clinic
  130. Dr. Flocerfida Cabuhat-Francisco Lying-In Clinic
  131. Donnamae Birthing Home & Family Planning Clinic
  132. Dona Remedios Trinidad Birthing Center
  133. Divine Grace Lying-In Clinic
  134. Depla Family Care Maternity Clinic & Lying-In
  135. Debbie C. Lara Midwife Clinic
  136. Dayson Birthing Home
  137. D.G. Alejandro Birthing Clinic
  138. CVG Maternity Clinic
  139. Cristina Torres Latuja Lying-In And Maternity Clinic
  140. Cindy Carpela Midwife Clinic
  141. Chona San Pedro Samson Lying-In Clinic
  142. Chona Lying-In Clinic
  143. Carmen Tecson Midwife Care
  144. Cabuhat-Santos Well Family Midwife Clinic
  145. Bustos RHU II And Lying-In Clinic
  146. Bordador Maternity & Lying-In Clinic
  147. Bocaue Rural Health Unit I And Birthing Facility
  148. Ang Pagkain Ba Ng Bawang Nakakapigil Sa COVID-19 Virus
  149. Nakukuha Ba Ang COVID-19 Virus sa Pagkain Ng Prutas At Gulay
  150. San Mariano Rural Health Unit and Birthing Center
  151. Blessed Mother Maternity Clinic
  152. Blessed Hope Maternity & Lying-In Clinic (Bancal)
  153. Blessed Hope Maternity & Lying-In Clinic (Parian)
  154. Blessed Family Child Care & Maternity Clinic Inc.
  155. Bismillah Al-Barakah Lying-In Clinic
  156. Benefrida S. Magsakay Well Family Midwife Clinic
  157. Baylon-Atienza Birthing Clinic
  158. Bahay Kalusugan Lying-In Clinic
  159. Angat Rural Health Unit & Lying-In Clinic
  160. Ancilla Domini Birthing Clinic
  161. A.R. San Pedro Center For Women & Family Health Inc
  162. 3P Klinika (Paanakan At Pagamutan Sa Palmera)
  163. Samal Birthing Clinic
  164. Reyes-Hernandez Maternity & Lying-In Clinic
  165. Orion Rural Health Unit Birthing Station
  166. Maria Gracia Maternity Clinic
  167. Limay Community Lying-In
  168. Jamedz Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  169. Hermosa Lying-In And Health Center
  170. Duqueza Lying-In Clinic
  171. Dinalupihan Rural Health Unit 3 – Lying-in Clinic
  172. De Leon-Valencia Lying-In Clinic
  173. Bemonc Mariveles – Lying-in Clinic
  174. Abucay Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  175. Maria Aurora Main Health Center- Lying-in Clinic
  176. Dr. Andres Aragon Angara Health Center
  177. Casiguran Rural Health Unit & Birthing Clinic Building Vicente Teepecuy
  178. Saguday Basic Emergency Obstetric And Newborn Care Center
  179. Quirino State University Birthing Clinic
  180. Nagtipunan Rural Health Unit And Birthing Center
  181. Maddela Birthing Center
  182. Diffun Municipal Health Office Birthing Clinic
  183. Cabarroguis Rural Health Unit And Birthing Center
  184. Aglipay Rural Health Unit Basic Emergency Obstetric And Newborn Care Center
  185. Solano Rural Health Unit With Lying-In Clinic And Laboratory
  186. Santa Fe Main Health Center And Birthing Clinic
  187. Rural Health Unit- Quezon Nueva Vizcaya Birthing Clinic
  188. Rural Health Unit – Dupax Del Norte Birthing Clinic
  189. Poblacion BHS And Birthing Clinic
  190. Kayapa Proper West Birthing Clinic
  191. Kasibu Rural Health Unit Birthing Center
  192. Ibung Birthing Clinic
  193. Bite Family Planning And Birthing Clinic
  194. Besong Birthing Clinic
  195. Belance Birthing Facility
  196. Baan Birthing Clinic
  197. Vonlord’s Birthing Home
  198. ULS – St. Joseph Birthing Center
  199. Tupong Maternity And Pediatric Clinic
  200. Tana’s Birthing Home
  201. St. Thomas Birthing Home
  202. St. Michael’s Birthing Center
  203. Santiago City Birthing Center
  204. San Manuel Rural Health Unit Birthing Clinic
  205. San Isidro Birthing Center
  206. Rural Health Unit San Guillermo Birthing Home
  207. Rural Health Unit San Agustin Birthing Home
  208. Rural Health Unit Of Aurora Isabela Birthing Home
  209. Rural Health Unit Maconacon Birthing Center
  210. Rural Health Unit Cordon Birthing Home
  211. Rural Health Unit Angadanan Birthing Home
  212. Roxas Birthing Center
  213. Rowena’s Birthing Home
  214. Rizalyn’s Birthing Home
  215. Reina Mercedes Rural Health Unit And Birthing Center
  216. Ramos Women’s Care And Birthing Center
  217. Ramon Rural Health Unit Birthing Center
  218. Quirino Rural Health Unit Birthing Center
  219. Parto Natural Birthing Home
  220. Palanan Birthing Center
  221. Nita O. Bautista Birthing Home
  222. Municipal Health Office Of Cabatuan Birthing Facility
  223. Municipal Health Office Birthing Center Of Naguilian
  224. Mary Chiles Talamayan-Cruz Maternity And Medical Clinic
  225. Maricar Birthing Home Center
  226. Maria Maternity-Pediatric Clinic & Lying-In
  227. Mallig Integrated Rural Health Unit And Birthing Center
  228. Luna Municipal Health Center And Birthing Facility
  229. Lucky Anne Birthing Home
  230. Lita’s Birthing Home
  231. Life Birthing Home
  232. LDM Birthing Home
  233. Kelly’s Birthing Home
  234. HM Maternity And Birthing Home Clinic
  235. Gamu Rural Health Unit And Birthing Center
  236. Dr. Fernando V. Babaran Birthing Center
  237. Don Primo Gaffud Birthing Center
  238. Dinapigue Birthing Center
  239. Basic Emergency And Newborn Care Facility
  240. Burgos Rural Health Unit And Birthing Center
  241. Bumagat Maternity & Medical Clinic
  242. Blessed Birthing Clinique
  243. Benito Soliven Rural Health Unit And Birthing Center
  244. Ate Lourdes Birthing Home
  245. Alicia Birthing Center
  246. ADJ Birthing Clinic
  247. Western Solana Birthing And Community Center
  248. Tuguegarao City Urban Health Center And Birthing Home
  249. Tuao-1 Rural Health Unit Birthing Center
  250. Tuao Rural Health Unit II Birthing Center
  251. Sta. Teresita Municipal Birthing Center
  252. St. Philomene Birthing Clinic Branch 2 (Pallua Sur)
  253. St. Philomene Birthing Clinic (Alcala)
  254. St. Catherines Maternity And Pediatric Clinic
  255. Rural Health Unit Of Amulung Birthing Center
  256. Rizal Rural Health Unit Lying-In Birthing Center
  257. Poblacion Enrile Birthing Center
  258. Piat Birthing Center
  259. Penablanca Rural Health Unit Birthing Center
  260. Pamplona Rural Health Unit And Birthing Center
  261. Municipal Health Office Solana Birthing Center
  262. MD Cares Medical Clinic
  263. Maxihealth Maternity And Lying- In Clinic
  264. Sto. Nino Municipal Health Office Birthing Center
  265. Libertad Birthing Center
  266. Lasam Birthing Center
  267. Iguig Birthing Center
  268. Gonzaga Birthing Center
  269. EGL Birthing Clinic
  270. CDS Birthing Center
  271. Cataggaman Nuevo Barangay Health Station & Birthing Center
  272. Camalaniugan Birthing Center
  273. Cagayan Midwives Multipurpose Cooperative Birthing Center
  274. Buguey Municipal Health Office And Birthing Center
  275. Baggao Rural Health Unit – Birthing Center
  276. Aparri Municipal Birthing Center For Service Delivery And Total Care
  277. Rural Health Unit And Birthing Home Of Itbayat
  278. Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation Birthing Home
  279. Villasis I Health Center And Birthing Facility
  280. Urdaneta City Birthing Facility
  281. Teresita M. Fernandez Midwife’s Clinic
  282. Tayug Municipal Health Office – Lying-in Clinic
  283. Sual Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  284. Solis – Khoo Bahay Paanakan
  285. Sol Y Dad Birthing Home, Diagnostic And Medical Clinic
  286. Sison Birthing Clinic
  287. She’s Birthing Home
  288. Rural Health Unit Urbiztondo – Lying-in Clinic
  289. Rural Health Unit Mabini Pangasinan
  290. Bayambang Rural Health Unit II Birthing Facility
  291. Lucero Rural Health Unit II – Lying-in Clinic
  292. Dasol Rural Health Unit
  293. Rural Health Unit – Agno Birthing Clinic
  294. RHU Sta. Maria Lying-In
  295. RHU – II Malasiqui Birthing Facility
  296. RAC Birthing Home And Clinic
  297. Pozorrubio RHU – Lying-in Clinic
  298. Paris Pregnancy Care Center And Birthing Home
  299. Paras Lying-In Clinic
  300. Osing’s Birthing Home
  301. New Era Birthing Home
  302. Natividad Municipal Health Office & Birthing Clinic
  303. Md’s Cradle Birthing Home
  304. Marian Care Birthing Home
  305. Manzon Maternal Care Co. – Lying-in Clinic
  306. Mangaldan Municipal Health Office – Rural Health Unit 1
  307. Malasiqui Rural Health Unit I Birthing Facility
  308. Laoac Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  309. Labrador RHU – Birthing Home
  310. Julie’s Bahay Paanakan
  311. Jules Birthing Home
  312. JDA Medical And Lying-In Clinic
  313. Jamaica’s Birthing Home Clinic
  314. Infanta RHU – Lying-in Clinic
  315. Holy Care Birthing Clinic
  316. Glates Birthing Home
  317. Estrada’s Maternity & Lying-In Clinic
  318. Ervil Lying-In
  319. EML Birthing Home
  320. Elisea T. Custodio Midwife Clinic
  321. Dr. Laureano S. Perez Memorial Clinic Birthing Facility
  322. Desseret Birthing Home/Clinic
  323. Alaminos City Birthing Facility
  324. Caramat-Tuazon Medical Clinic
  325. Calasiao Municipal Birthing Clinic
  326. Bugallon RHU I Birthing Facility
  327. Biotechnica Medical And Birthing Home
  328. Binalonan Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  329. Bani Rural Health Unit I – Lying-in Clinic
  330. Balungao Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  331. Asingan RHU – 1 Birthing Facility
  332. Angeles Birthing Home
  333. Alcala Municipal Health Office – Lying-in Clinic
  334. Aguilar RHU – Birthing Facility
  335. Sudipen Birthing Clinic
  336. Sto. Tomas Rhu And Maternal – Child Care And Lying In Clinic
  337. San Juan Birthing Home
  338. San Gabriel Birthing Home
  339. San Fernando City Health Office – Lying-in Clinic
  340. Rosario Rural Health Unit Family Planning And Birthing Clinic
  341. Naguilian Municipal Health Office – Lying-in Clinic
  342. Luna Municipal Health Office And Birthing Clinic
  343. Aringay Birth-In Clinic
  344. Sugpon Birthing Clinic
  345. Santiago RHU – Farmers Birthing Clinic
  346. San Vicente Health Care And Maternity Clinic
  347. San Ildefonso – Birthing Home Facility
  348. San Esteban Health Care & Maternal Clinic
  349. Salcedo Birthing Facility
  350. Quirino Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  351. Lidlidda Farmers’ Basic Emergency Obstetric & Newborn Care – Birthing Facility
  352. Gregorio Del Pilar RHU – Birthing Facility
  353. Galimuyod Birthing Home
  354. Dur-As Bantay Birthing Home
  355. Cervantes Municipal Health Office – Lying-in Clinic
  356. Candon City Health Office – Lying-in Clinic
  357. Vintar Municipal Health Office – Birthing Home
  358. Solsona Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  359. Sarrat RHU – Birthing Home
  360. Pagudpud RHU – Birthing Clinic
  361. Nueva Era Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  362. Currimao RHU – Birthing Home
  363. Bangui RHU – Birthing Home
  364. Alunogan Barangay Health Station And Birthing Facility
  365. Tabuk II City Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  366. Tabuk I Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  367. Tabuk City Health Office – Lying-in Clinic
  368. St. Mary’s Birthing Home
  369. RMS Birthing Home Maternal And Child Care Clinic
  370. Psalm 91 Birthing Home Clinic
  371. Lubuagan Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  372. Bulanao Maternity Clinic And Lying In
  373. Abundant Grace Of God Maternity Center Inc (Tinglayan Extension)
  374. Abundant Grace Of God Maternity Center Inc
  375. Ubao Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  376. Tinoc Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  377. Shanra Birthing Home – Lying-in Clinic
  378. Nungawa Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  379. Mungayang Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  380. Liwon Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  381. Lamut Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  382. Lagawe Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  383. Kiangan Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  384. Jacmal Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  385. Hucab Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  386. Haliap Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  387. Damag Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  388. Bunhian Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  389. Boliwong Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  390. Blessed Angel’s Birthing Home – Lying-in Clinic
  391. Asipulo Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  392. Tacadang Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  393. St. Esperanza Women And Infants Wellness Center – Lying-in Clinic
  394. Sebang Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  395. Sagpat Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  396. Poblacion Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  397. Palina Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  398. Our Lady Of Lourdes Birthing Clinic – Lying-in Clinic
  399. Natubleng Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  400. Nangayangan Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  401. Lubo Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  402. Kibungan Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  403. Kabayan Rural Health Center – Lying-in Clinic
  404. Irisan Health Center – Lying-in Clinic
  405. Cordillera Career Development College Inc – Lying-in Clinic
  406. Catlubong Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  407. Buguias Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  408. Batangan Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  409. Bangao Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  410. Badeo Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  411. Baculongan Norte Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  412. Atok Trail Health Center – Lying-in Clinic
  413. Amlimay Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  414. Sta. Filomena Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  415. San Juan Medical And Maternity Clinic – Lying-in Clinic
  416. Mataguisi Barangay Health Station – Lying-in Clinic
  417. Flora Rural Health Unit- Lying-in Clinic
  418. Tineg Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  419. Tayum Rural Health Unit -Lying-in Clinic
  420. San Juan Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  421. Pilar Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  422. Penarrubia Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  423. Luba Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  424. Dolores Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  425. Danglas Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  426. Sitio Tapayan (Arenda RHU V-B)
  427. Ruby Lagrada Garcia Birthing Home Clinic
  428. RM-RN Maternity And Medical Clinic
  429. Rafha Glorious Care Lying-In Clinic
  430. JRV Centennial Medical & Lying-in Clinic
  431. A.M. Beltran Lying-in Clinic
  432. Daguioman Rural Health Unit – Lying-in Clinic
  433. New Life Maternity And Lying-In Clinic Inc
  434. Montalban Infirmary Birthing Facility
  435. Evelyn Maternity And Lying-In Clinic
  436. Cainta Municipal Hospital Maternal And Child Health Hub
  437. Birthright Inc
  438. Ziester Maternity Clinic
  439. Safebirth Lying-In Clinic (Tatalon)
  440. Safebirth Lying-In Clinic (Commonwealth)
  441. Safebirth Lying-In Clinic (Novaliches)
  442. Twinville Maternity Clinic
  443. TLV’s Medical Clinic
  444. Santa Faustina Lying In Medical And Diagnostic Center Co
  445. Safebirth Lying-In Clinic (Culiat)
  446. SRL Birthing Home Clinic
  447. RMA Lying-In Clinic Corp
  448. Precious Lying In Center Co.
  449. Dona Marta Lying-In Clinic
  450. Pasamante Medical And Lying-In Clinic
  451. Olga Maternity Care Clinic And Lying In
  452. Mother’s Care Birthing Home And Health Care Services
  453. MJM Lying-In And Family Planning Clinic
  454. Metro Doctors Clinic & Lying-In
  455. Merlyn Birthing Home Clinic
  456. Mary Immaculate Parish Medical Services Association, Inc. (Mip Lying-In Clinic)
  457. L.R.B. Medical & Maternity Clinic (Camarin Branch)
  458. St. Gallen Birthing Clinic
  459. Maria Lourdes Maternity Hospital Inc
  460. Ma. Victoria Celeste Lying-In Clinic
  461. L.D.S. Maternity Clinic
  462. Jmc Lying-In Clinic
  463. North Signal Super Health Center
  464. JHO Lying-In Clinic
  465. Healthfort Multispecialty Clinic
  466. Good Sheperd Children Medical & Maternity Clinic
  467. Godshand Lying In Clinic
  468. Gen. T. De Leon Lying In Clinic
  469. FMC Moonwalk Midwifery Clinic
  470. Family First Multispecialty Diagnostic And Maternity Clinic Corp.
  471. Fajardo Medical Clinic
  472. Duque Mother And Child Lying-In Clinic Inc.
  473. Prime Essentia wellness spa
  474. E & J Lying-In Clinic
  475. Dela Merced Maternity & Children Clinic
  476. Cristo Rey Lying-In
  477. CJM Birthing Home
  478. Napindan Super Health Center
  479. Central Bicutan Super Health Center
  480. Sun Valley Birthing Home
  481. Bangkal Lying-In Clinic
  482. Canumay West Lying In Clinic
  483. B.L. Bulanadi Maternity & Lying-In Clinic
  484. Angels Of Mary Birthing Clinic
  485. Sta. Ines Lying-In Clinic
  486. St. Marcus Maternity & Lying-In Clinic
  487. FMC Renalcare Corporation (La Union Branch) – Dialysis Clinic
  488. Cipriana Coquia Memorial Dialysis and Kidney Center – Dialysis Clinic
  489. Avitus Kidney Care And Dialysis Center Corporation (Pangasinan Branch) – Dialysis Clinic
  490. Avitus Kidney Care And Dialysis Center Corporation (La Union Branch) – Dialysis Clinic
  491. Avitus Kidney Care And Dialysis Center Corporation (Olongapo Branch) – Dialysis Clinic
  492. Municipal Birthing Clinic Of Jala-jala
  493. Zeti’s Pink Angels Lying-in & Medical Clinic
  494. Linda’s Lying-in Clinic (Commonwealth Branch)
  495. San Joaquin Super Health Lying-in Clinic
  496. My Choice Clinic (Santolan Pasig Branch)
  497. Blessed Angel Birthing Home
  498. Bongo-Bernales Lying-in Clinic
  499. L.R.B. Medical & Maternity Clinic (Camarin Branch)
  500. Bicas Medical & Lying-in Clinic
  501. People’s Health Center & Lying-in Clinic
  502. BCJS Lying-in Clinic
  503. A.N. Rodriguez Maternity and Medical Clinic
  504. Petals Flower Shop
  505. Jun Flower Shop & Accessories
  506. Emmanuel’s Flower Shop
  507. Suzettevelezflowers
  508. Fely’s Flower Shop
  509. Bernat Store & Flower Shop
  510. Floristeria Incorporated
  511. Flower Creations by Reydon Laparan
  512. Floral Basket
  513. Khims Events & Floral Concepts
  514. Dangwa Florist
  515. Clint Flower Shop
  516. Hearts And Flowers Flowershop And Boutique
  517. Jorrienes Flower Shop
  518. Cetro Flower Shop
  519. Cam’s Flower Shop
  520. Brighten Flowers Shop
  521. Blooms and Foliage Inspiration
  522. Ashley Flower Shop
  523. Red-Beri Flower Shop
  524. Ruby’s Flower Shop
  525. St. Bernadette’s Flower Shop
  526. Arce’s Flower Shop
  527. Symphony and Colors Flower Shop
  528. Tony’s Flower Shop
  529. Tulips Flower Shop
  530. YCS Flower Shoppe
  531. Ann and the Flower Shop
  532. Tamayo’s Flower Shop
  533. Ingrid Flower Shop
  534. Arthur’s Flower Shop
  535. Raphael’s Flowers & Gifts Company
  536. Pink Tulip Flower Shop
  537. Amalias Flower Shop
  538. Florist Friend Flower Shop and Accessories
  539. Julie’s Flower Shop
  540. Blancos Flower Shop
  541. Gertrudes Flower Shop
  542. Biboy’s Flower Shop
  543. Pinas Gifts
  544. Mikaela’s Flower Shop
  545. Elken Trading And Flower Shop
  546. Thrixie’s Flower Shop
  547. Jasmine Flower Shop
  548. Gemma Flower Shoppe
  549. Tessie’s Flower Shop
  550. Red Roses Flower Shop
  551. Ken’s Flower Shop
  552. Sweet Petals Flower Shop
  553. 95-F Estellas Flower Shop
  554. Adoption Process, Requirements and Procedures in the Philippines
  555. Things You Can Donate to White Cross Orphanage
  556. Maison des Fleurs Cebu Flowershop
  557. Kaye’s Floral Accent
  558. Flowers & Events
  559. Reglin Blooming Fields Flower Shop
  560. Fresh Cuts Flower Shop
  561. Cattleya Flower Shop
  562. Fleur De Liz Flowers Shop
  563. Buds & Blossoms Flower Shop
  564. Simple Wishes Flower Shop
  565. Litas Flower Shop
  566. Family Infinity Spa
  567. D’Aviary Health Spa (Escario Branch)
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  10. Mercy Maternity Center
  11. Bolinao Rural Health Unit I
  12. Rural Health Unit I Bayambang Maternity Clinic
  13. San Quintin Rural Health Unit Lying-in Clinic
  14. Bautista Maternity Clinic
  15. Zenaida Manaois Midwife’s Clinic
  16. Blessed Mercy Birthing Home Clinic
  17. Burgos Rural Health Unit Lying-in Clinic
  18. GPG Family Healthcare Clinic And Birthing Home
  19. Cuison Zabala Birthing Home
  20. Rosales Rural Health Unit Lying-in Clinic
  21. Anda Rural Health Unit Lying-in Clinic
  22. Basista Rural Health Unit Lying-in Clinic
  23. Dr. De Leon Maternity & Lying-in Clinic
  24. Caba Rural Health Unit 2 And Birthing Clinic
  25. Santol Lying-in Clinic
  26. Bagulin Birthing Home
  27. Bangar Municipal Health Office And Birthing Clinic
  28. Municipal Health Office And Birthing Clinic
  29. Sto. Tomas Rural Health Unit And Maternal – Child Care And Lying In Clinic
  30. Dona Donata Dumuk Aguila Memorial Health Center Lying-in Clinic
  31. Tubao Birthing Home
  32. Rebecca’s Maternity & Birthing Clinic
  33. Agoo Municipal Health Office Lying-in Clinic
  34. Sigay Rural Health Unit Birthing Facility
  35. Suyo Municipal Health Office & Birthing Home
  36. Banayoyo Rural Health Unit – Farmers’ Birthing Clinic
  37. Santiago Rural Health Unit Farmers Birthing Clinic
  38. Municipal Birthing Home Facility Of San Emilio Lying-in Clinic
  39. Dr. Antonio L. Valle, Sr. Memorial Health Center Lying-in Clinic
  40. Caoayan Municipal Health Office Lying-in Clinic
  41. Bantay Municipal Health Office Lying-in Clinic
  42. Sta. Catalina Municipal Health Office Lying-in Clinic
  43. Vigan City Health Office Lying-in Clinic
  44. Sto. Domingo Municipal Health Office
  45. Garvida-Fabi Birthing Center
  46. Del Rosario Birthing Home Clinic
  47. CCH Rural Health Unit Birthing Home 3
  48. Pililla Health Center Lying-in Clinic
  49. Doktora Andres Lying-in Maternity And Medical Clinic
  50. Eastwood Medical And Maternity Clinic
  51. Blue Star Alpha Lying In Clinic
  52. Rehoboth Clinic
  53. Penafrancia Cupang Rural Health Unit Lying-in Clinic
  54. San Luis Rural Health Unit Lying-in Clinic
  55. Tagbac Buhanginan Lying-in Clinic
  56. Lake Shore Lying-in Clinic
  57. SBI Lying In & Wellness Center
  58. Arago-Cequena’s Lying In Clinic
  59. Don Mariano Lying-in Health Center
  60. San Vicente De Teresa Birthing Home
  61. N.T.E. Bahay Paanakan
  62. RAA Lying-in Clinic
  63. JCA Lying-in Clinic
  64. JRV Centennial Medical & Lying-in Clinic
  65. Cardona Rural Health Unit I Bemonc
  66. Midwife Fe Lying-in & Family Planning Clinic
  67. Nancy Rosales Maternity Clinic
  68. Fatima Health Center of Antipolo
  69. Lady Manaoag Lying-in
  70. Aileen D. Flaviano Maternity Clinic
  71. Blessings Of God Maternity Lying-in Clinic
  72. CCH Rural Health Unit Birthing Home
  73. Tanay Municipal Maternity Clinic
  74. Sofia Maternity Clinic
  75. Eming Lying-in And Medical Clinic
  76. The God’s Plan Midwifery Services
  77. Sapphire’s Maternity Clinic
  78. Tender Love And Care Birthing
  79. Gemrose Lying-in Clinic
  80. S.A.M. Lying-in Clinic
  81. Lia-Anne Maternity Clinic
  82. Onting Maternity And Lying-in Clinic
  83. Triple J Maternity Clinic
  84. A.M. Beltran Lying-in Clinic
  85. Young Angels Midwife Clinic
  86. Blessed Home Of Mother & Child Maternity Clinic
  87. Teresa Rural Health Unit Lying-in Facility
  88. Rafha-Jyra’s Lying-in Clinic (San Jose Branch)
  89. M. San Luis Multispecialty And Lying In Clinic
  90. Manahan Angeles Lying-in Clinic
  91. Sunico Medical And Maternity Clinic
  92. Villon Midwife Clinic
  93. Our Lady Of Grace Ob-gyne Clinic & Lying-In
  94. Clinica Italia Maternity Lying-In
  95. I Care For You Lying-In & Maternity Clinic
  96. Rafha-Jyra’s Lying-in Clinic (Del Pilar Branch)
  97. San Mateo Municipal Lying-in Clinic
  98. Gulod RHU-IV 24 Hrs Paanakan
  99. EC Geronimo Medical Clinic
  100. Ate Wilma’s Paanakan
  101. Tomas Claudio Colleges Inc.
  102. Kasinay Lying-in Clinic
  103. Mikko Medics Medical Maternity Lying In Clinic
  104. Clinica G. Miranda Birthing Home
  105. Camacho Birthing Home & Family Planning Clinic
  106. 2MJ Lying-in Clinic
  107. Simeon Maternity And Multispecialty Clinic
  108. Ramos-Vicencio Well-family Midwife Clinic (Tayuman Binangonan Branch)
  109. St. Blase Maternity And Medical Clinic
  110. Blooming Babies Maternity Clinic
  111. LLA Birthing Clinic
  112. Angelyn Birthing Homes
  113. Angel Lailah Maternity And Child Clinic
  114. St. Helena’s Birthing Station And Child Care Clinic
  115. Mary And Christ Maternity And Lying-in Clinic
  116. Balubad Lying-in Clinic
  117. Health Delivery System Inc. (Salvador Branch)
  118. Tamayo Family Care Birthing Home Clinic
  119. Health Delivery System Inc. (San Agustin Branch)
  120. P.A.S. Lying-in Clinic
  121. Molave Medical & Maternity Clinic
  122. VGC Maternity & Lying-in Clinic
  123. LHR Lying-in Clinic
  124. Unang Yakap Paanakan Sa Damayan Lagi Co.
  125. Freedom Midwife Clinic And Lying-in
  126. Glo Maternity & Lying-inn Clinic
  127. Erma Birthing Home Clinic
  128. LGC Care Maternity Medical Clinic
  129. Little Angel’s Care Lying-in And Medical Clinic
  130. Mecca Lying-in Clinic
  131. N. Calulot Maternity & Lying-in Clinic
  132. Health Delivery System Inc. Lying-in Clinic
  133. MVL Midwife Clinic
  134. Mina Maternity Lying-in Clinic
  135. Pascual Gentle Hands Maternity Clinic
  136. La Materna Birthing Home (Bonifacio Branch)
  137. Preciousheart Lying-in Clinic
  138. Marikina Maternity Clinic And Lying-in
  139. Madlangsakay Medical & Lying-in Clinic
  140. Jivic Lying-in Clinic
  141. Betty Go Belmonte Lying-in
  142. Nagie & Cynthia Komadrona Paanakan 24 Oras
  143. Arsenia De Jesus Maximo Lying-in Clinic
  144. ALJ Medical Maternity & Lying-in Clinic
  145. Kamuning Lying-in Clinic
  146. Murphy Lying-in Clinic
  147. Round The Clock Mother And Child Clinic
  148. Paghubasan Birthing Home
  149. Ramos-Vicencio Well-family Midwife Clinic (Calumpang Branch)
  150. MDES Maternity & Diagnostic Clinic
  151. Bagong Silangan Quezon City Lying-in
  152. Lifeway Polyclinic And Birthing Home
  153. St. Anne’s Multispecialty And Maternity Clinic Inc.
  154. Commonwealth Birthing Center
  155. Linda’s Lying-in Clinic (Payatas Branch)
  156. JM Mendoza Materntiy Clinic
  157. Astillo Birthing Home Clinic
  158. Limbauan Birthing Home
  159. Imperial-Panay Multispecialty Health Care Center
  160. Rockgate Birthing Home
  161. My Choice Clinic (Concepcion Branch)
  162. The Family Planning Organization Of The Philippines Inc.
  163. Joven Family Polyclinic & Lying-in
  164. St. Philomena Maternity Center And Lying-in Clinic
  165. Prima Medix Multispecialty And Lying In Clinic Inc.
  166. Sheryl Birthing Home And Lying In Clinic
  167. Quezon City National Government Lying-in Clinic
  168. Safe Moms Lying-in And Multispecialty Center Corp.
  169. Health Delivery System Inc. (Tatalon Branch)
  170. Maranatha Birthing Home
  171. De Luna Birthing Home
  172. G.S. Maternity Clinic
  173. Manalo Birthing Homes
  174. Don Enrique Birthing Home
  175. Medinet Lying-in Clinic
  176. J.M.S. Maternity Clinic
  177. SRN Maternity Clinic
  178. La Materna Birthing Home (Tumana Branch)
  179. 3M’s 24 Hrs. Lying-in Clinic
  180. Ilang-ilang Payatas Midwife Clinic
  181. Lozano Birthing Homes
  182. Trinidad Midwifery Lying-in Services
  183. MC Naron Midwife Clinic
  184. Angelic Maternity And Child Care Center
  185. Prolife Midwife Clinic
  186. A. Mabini Maternity And Medical Clinic
  187. Batasan Lying-In Clinic
  188. Cabarles Maternity Medical & Children’s Clinic
  189. Manalo-Mendoza Maternity Clinic
  190. Sta. Lucia Lying-in Clinic
  191. Drueco Medical Specialist’s & Maternity Lying-in Clinic
  192. Starshinecare Birthing Home
  193. Querubin Medical And Maternity Clinic
  194. Novejas Lying-in Clinic
  195. Harrison Medical Clinic & Maternity Lying-in
  196. EM Cordero Medical And Lying-in Clinic
  197. Victoria Suarez Lying-in Clinic
  198. ETL-GS Maternity Clinic
  199. NLB Lying-in Clinic
  200. Glorious Birthing Clinic
  201. San Francisco Lying-in Clinic
  202. Villamor Holy Family Midwife Clinic
  203. Rotary Club Of Muntinlupa Filinvest Foundation Inc.
  204. Angelica Birthing Home And Pediatric Primary Care Clinic
  205. Celza88 Lying-in Clinic
  206. Uha Maternity Lying-in Clinic
  207. Gen And Rics Maternity Clinic
  208. Suazo Mendoza Lying-in Clinic
  209. Pama Lying In Clinic
  210. Happy Moms Birthing Home (Quirino Ave)
  211. B & K Lying-in & Medical Clinic
  212. Sheeshakim Lying-in Clinic
  213. Sta. Cecilia MJ OB Midwife Lying-in Clinic Corp.
  214. Crispina S. Rivera Birthing Home
  215. Nagpayong Super Health Lying-in Clinic
  216. Melck Birthing Home
  217. Santolan Super Health Center Lying-in Clinic
  218. Manggahan Super Health Lying-in Clinic
  219. Teresita Angeles Orallo Lying-in Clinic
  220. Conixon Maternity Clinic
  221. St. Pio St. Anselmo Birthing Clinic
  222. Star Care Midwife Clinic
  223. TZLR Lying-in Clinic
  224. Emilio Aguinaldo College
  225. L. Pillodar Lying-in Clinic
  226. Monterona’s Maternity Clinic
  227. Aldrej Birthing Home
  228. Estanislao Family Care Clinic
  229. Satorre-Sangalang 24 Hours Birthing Home Co.
  230. Pasig City Maternity Clinic And Family Wellness Center
  231. Longos Maternity Clinic
  232. Jem’s Lying-in Clinic
  233. C.T. Rivadelo Birthing Home
  234. S.V. Eugenio Paanakan
  235. RMM Well Family Care Midwife Clinic
  236. Unifam Birthing Home And Medical Clinic
  237. Angela Victoria Lying-in Clinic
  238. Angelica Birthing Home And Pediatric Primary Care Clinic (Pinagsama Phase 2)
  239. Jewels First Maternity Lying In & Medical Clinic
  240. Marcela Salas Dacillo Lying-in Care Clinic
  241. Our Lady Of Lourdes Multispecialty And Lying-in Clinic
  242. Paul Jesus Midwife Clinic
  243. Ruiz Birthing Home
  244. Odette Lying-in Clinic
  245. Pro Mommy & Baby Lying-in And Maternity Clinic
  246. Harvest Maternity Lying-in Clinic (Kalayaan Branch)
  247. Rap Birthing Home
  248. The Right Choice Birthing Home Clinic
  249. RCF Midwifery Services
  250. Nadela Lying-in Clinic
  251. Luz L. Pillodar Lying In Clinic
  252. Happy Moms Birthing Home
  253. St. Mary Lying-in & Multispecialty Clinic
  254. Liezel Morales Paanakan Clinic
  255. Verbena V. Malijan Lying In Service
  256. L. Salonga Birthing Home
  257. P.R. Liaga Maternity-lying In & Iridology Clinic
  258. Che Midwife Lying-in Clinic
  259. Satorre’s 24 Hours Lying In
  260. Holy Child Maternity & Lying-in Clinic Co.
  261. Violy Birthing Clinic
  262. Liza Aguilar-Racuya Lying-in Clinic
  263. GentsHub
  264. Empay Midwifery Clinic
  265. Vilma L. Mariano Lying-in Clinic
  266. Harvest Maternity Lying-in Clinic (Pag-asa Ave Branch)
  267. Echo Midwifery Services
  268. St. Therese Multi-Specialty Services Inc.
  269. God Gift Lying-in Services
  270. Pedregosa Lying-in Clinic
  271. Mary Immaculate Parish Medical Services Association Inc.
  272. Sto. Nino De Rosales Medical Clinic
  273. Jesus The Divine Healer Lying-in
  274. Cactus Lying-in & Family Planning Clinic
  275. Cuta’s Midwife Clinic
  276. Xav And Fran Medical And Lying-in Clinic
  277. C. Faderog Maternity Clinic
  278. Moonwalk Midwife Clinic
  279. Well-Care Maternity, Medical And Pediatric Clinic Inc. (Napico Branch)
  280. B.G. Ignacio Lying In Clinic
  281. Mother Of Divine Grace Medical Maternity & Children’s Clinic
  282. Parong-Angeles Lying In Clinic Inc.
  283. Immaculate Conception Lying-in & Multi-specialty Clinic Inc.
  284. Troy Medical And Lying-in Clinic
  285. Angel Chris Well Family Midwife Clinic
  286. Well-Care Maternity, Medical And Pediatric Clinic Inc.
  287. Cattleya Well-Family Midwife Clinic
  288. Kay Sarap Maging Ina Maternity & Lying-in Clinic
  289. Our Lady Of Pillar Lying-in Clinic
  290. Rosela B. Villasor Lying-in Clinic
  291. Fuentes Maternity Clinic & Medical Supply
  292. Nita’s Lying-in Clinic
  293. Dr. Jeanette A. Catapang-Combate Ob-gyne Clinic & Lying-in
  294. Roque Birthing Center
  295. Mariley Maternity & Lying-in
  296. Marilou Ladaga Lying-in Clinic
  297. Rose Tan Lying-in Clinic
  298. Gertrudes Luderico Well Family Midwife Clinic
  299. Las Pinas City Lying-in Clinic
  300. Grace H. Atienza Lying-in Clinic
  301. Alameda Medical And Dental Centre – Lying-in Clinic
  302. Merly Birthing Home
  303. Pagamutang Bayan Ng Malabon – Lying-in Clinic
  304. Tanza Lying-in Clinic
  305. Greenfinity Spa
  306. Zanjiah Birthing Home
  307. Four Season Home Service Massage
  308. Golden Leaf Spa
  309. Ayuris Costume Rental Place
  310. St. Felino’s Spa & Massage
  311. Innovera Birthing Home Clinic
  312. Stellar Care Lying-in Inc.
  313. Saint Begga Maternity And Lying-in Clinic
  314. Dr. Acuna-Santiago Medical Clinic Inc.
  315. Likhaan Center For Women’s Health, Inc. (Tondo Branch)
  316. Saving Grace Birthing Home
  317. MDRN Medical And Birthing Clinic
  318. Jing Maternity Clinic
  319. Victory Lying-in Center
  320. M2M Lying-in Clinic
  321. Jimirene Diagnostic & Maternity Clinic
  322. MJT’s Medical & Lying-in Clinic
  323. Rowena Castro Yumang Medical And Maternity Clinic
  324. Malou Nicolas-dela Cruz Lying In Clinic
  325. A. Espino Lying In Clinic
  326. MCC Childbirth And Women’s Center
  327. Arajem Lying-in & Polyclinic Corporation
  328. Bernardo’s Maternity And Lying-in Clinic
  329. 3 Kings Birthing Home
  330. Jahovah Raah Maternity Clinic
  331. Divine Love Medical Clinic
  332. Figueroa Birthing Home Clinic
  333. Sto. Nino De Caloocan Maternity & Lying-in Clinic
  334. Sto. Cristo Birthing Home Clinic
  335. Faith Lying-in Clinic
  336. Maternal & Child’s Care Clinic
  337. Lawang Bato Lying-in Clinic
  338. Polo Lying-in Clinic
  339. Balubaran Lying-in Clinic
  340. MJDC Lucky Mommy Lying-in Clinic
  341. Blessed Hands Lying-in Clinic
  342. ACG Birthing Home And Diagnostic Laboratory, Co.
  343. Bagong Barrio Lying-in & Health Center
  344. Ann Lying-in Clinic
  345. M. Lucas Medical Services
  346. L.R.B. Medical & Maternity Clinic (Bagumbong Branch)
  347. A. Lorenzo-Mediana Lying-in
  348. Gozon Birthing Home Clinic
  349. Juvie Lying-in Clinic
  350. Elvira Delos Santos Birthing Home
  351. F.C. Rico Birthing Home
  352. Survivor Lying-in Clinic
  353. Savior Birthing Home Lying-in Clinic
  354. JLN Medical And Maternity Clinic
  355. F.R. Cataquiz Maternity Clinic
  356. Melrosa Maternity Clinic
  357. St. Adrianne Medical And Lying-in Clinic
  358. John Glee Lying In Clinic
  359. Mondejar Birthing Home
  360. Robes Maternity And Child Care Clinic
  361. St. Jude Medical Clinic And Diagnostic Center
  362. Alvette Medical & Lying-in Clinic
  363. Fajarito Maternity Clinic
  364. Hereigns Lying-in Clinic
  365. Cecilia C. Guevarra Maternity Clinic
  366. Ritchie R. Oblepias Lying-in Clinic
  367. Daughters Of Faith Lying In
  368. Nemia Birthing Home
  369. C.A.R.E. and F.M.C.N. Medical Group Co.
  370. Mapulang Lupa Lying-in Clinic
  371. Magtalas Birthing Home
  372. Marilou C. Monta Birthing Home
  373. Garganera’s Maternity Clinic
  374. Judea Birthing Home Clinic
  375. Good Shepherd Children Medical & Maternity Clinic
  376. Paso De Blas Lying In Clinic
  377. Marulas Lying-in Clinic
  378. Sacred Angel Maternity And Medical Clinic
  379. E.M. Mallari Birthing Home
  380. Nora Birthing Care Clinic
  381. Dalagan-Ciudadano Midwife Clinic
  382. Our Mother Of Piat Medical-maternity & Lying-in Clinic
  383. Light Of Jesus Birthing Homes
  384. C.M. Valencia Birthing Homes
  385. Ryla & Micah Lying-in Clinic
  386. C.S.V. Maternity & Lying-in Clinic
  387. A. Eladia Birthing & Midwife Clinic
  388. Dotarot Lying-in Clinic
  389. Barrientos-Susaya Midwifery Services
  390. Metro Doctors Polyclinic & Lying-in
  391. Montinola Maternity Clinic
  392. Isabela Midwife Clinic
  393. Bazarte Well Family Midwife Clinic
  394. Legend Touch Spa
  395. Duyan ni Maria Children’s Home, Sisters of Mary of the Eucharist
  396. White Cross Orphanage Children’s Home
  397. Ming Thai Spa
  398. Urbanized Gastro Spa
  399. Spanda Mobile App
  400. Woman Touch Home Services
  401. Sunrise Sunset Spa
  402. Infinity Spa
  403. Steve & Q Massage
  404. Epitome Z Spa
  405. Ngiyan Spa
  406. Augustinian Sisters Servants of Jesus and Mary, Mother Teresa Spinelli’s Treasures
  407. Home of Joy for the Sick Children, Missionaries of Charity
  408. Gesu Eucaristico Children’s Inc.
  409. Banyan Tree Spa
  410. iTouched Massage
  411. Royal Siam Spa
  412. Cobana Feather Spa
  413. Divine Home And Hotel Service Massage (Makati Branch)
  414. Divine Home And Hotel Service Massage (Las Pinas Branch)
  415. BlueStream Wellness Spa
  416. Secret Escapes Spa
  417. Shogun Spa
  418. Intensity Spa
  419. Wensha Spa Center (Pasay Branch)
  420. Kremlin Spa
  421. Emerence Spa
  422. New York Spa
  423. White Palace Spa (Sucat Branch)
  424. Day & Night Home and Hotel Service Spa
  425. Blue Room Spa
  426. Hemaza’s Touch Wellness Center
  427. List of Massage Parlors, Spas & Wellness Centers in Benguet
  428. Sequence Hub Massage
  429. Trojan Spa & Sauna
  430. Dalaguete Health Management Complex Belmonc Health Facility
  431. Cordova Birthing Center
  432. Go Spa Manila
  433. Belinda’s Birthing Home (Carmen Branch)
  434. Belinda’s Birthing Home (Danao Branch)
  435. Bayalas Birthing Home & Family Planning Services
  436. Alcoy Rural Health Unit and Birthing Facility
  437. Body Fix Home Massage
  438. Relaxante Spa (Mandaluyong Branch)
  439. Moniqu’es Mobile Spa
  440. Tranquility Wellness Oasis
  441. 7th Heaven Massage
  442. Filipina Blossom Massage
  443. Jardin De Buena Day Spa
  444. One Way Spa
  445. David’s Wellness Spa
  446. Massaji Oriental Spa
  447. Topline Salon & Wellness Spa
  448. Elysium Male Spa
  449. Bahay Aruga
  450. Red Dream Massage
  451. Heaven Spa
  452. Power Touch Spa
  453. Precious Touch
  454. Despacito Massage
  455. Shepherd of the Hills Children’s Foundation Inc.
  456. Ayana Wellness Spa
  457. Rustic Spa
  458. Bohol Sunshine Home Foundation Inc.
  459. Azul Spa (Libertad Branch)
  460. Healing Palm Spa (Quezon City Branch)
  461. Reign Massage
  462. Serenity Spa
  463. SPAnctuario Massage Spa
  464. Medifinger Massage
  465. L&J Kingdom Spa
  466. D’Aviary Health Spa (Kasambagan Branch)
  467. Debutant Massage Home Services
  468. Shukuran Salon & Spa
  469. Pines Home Spa
  470. OTBT Health Spa
  471. El Paradise Spa
  472. LB Chan Massage Service
  473. Oriental Touch Shiatsu Center (Mt Mayon Branch)
  474. Revenge Spa
  475. Spa Homme
  476. Red Strokes (Pasig Branch)
  477. Rujo Spa
  478. Chocobrown Spa
  479. Spa Sensation
  480. Silver Sky Spa
  481. Bahay Haraya Spa & Healing
  482. Bacarra Spa
  483. Sweet Dreams Spa & Massage
  484. Kids Costume and Apparel Wholesaler and Retail
  485. Yolo Massage Spa
  486. Yeowoo Massage
  487. Zenses Home Massage
  488. Zeria Spa
  489. Spabulous Massage and Spa
  490. Red Oak Wellness Spa (Sucat Branch)
  491. Red Oak Wellness Spa (Las Pinas Branch)
  492. Fantasy Costume Boutique
  493. Blue Bali Spa
  494. Blu De Soleil Spa
  495. Zara Wellness Spa
  496. Hanami Body Care
  497. Barricade Spa
  498. Recutitoz Tutuban Gowns And Costumes
  499. Destiny Charm Spa
  500. Chisou Spa
  501. Hastag City Spa
  502. The Hilot Spa
  503. Zuri Spa
  504. Choosing A Nursing Home Facility in the Philippines
  505. Babaylan Spa
  506. Avira Home And Hotel Spa
  507. Azurea Spa
  508. Ataraxia Spa
  509. Atarashii Spa
  510. Asian Massage
  511. Ashram Spa (Gil Puyat Branch)
  512. Arogya Ayurveda
  513. Aramesh Spa
  514. Angel’s Touch Massage Therapy
  515. Anantara Spa
  516. Anahata Spa
  517. Amarillo Spa (Mandaluyong Branch)
  518. Amarillo Spa (Paranaque Branch)
  519. Allure Spa
  520. Alabang Spa
  521. AJ Way Spa
  522. Aequabis Medispa
  523. Aegean Blue Massage And Spa
  524. Absolute Touch Spa
  525. ABS Fitness Gym And Wellness Spa (San Antonio Branch)
  526. ABS Fitness Gym And Wellness Spa (Rosario Pasig Branch)
  527. Abay Wellness Hub
  528. A Touch Of Class Massage And Spa
  529. 427 Spa
  530. BNJ Hollistic Touch Spa
  531. Sweet Escape Home Service Massage Spa
  532. Jhem Spa Home & Hotel Services
  533. Remedi Spa Wellness Center
  534. Central Massage And Spa
  535. Geisha Spa
  536. Garden Massage Spa (Paranaque Branch)
  537. Garden Massage Spa (Las Pinas Branch)
  538. Imavary Wellness Spa Services
  539. Onesimus Male Spa
  540. Redlax Spa
  541. Aquarius Artisan Spa
  542. Bentosa Healing Massage and Spa (SRP Branch)
  543. A’Z Venue Wellness Spa (Bacoor Branch)
  544. One Heart Massage
  545. King Spa
  546. Amazing Hot Touch Massage
  547. Hibiscus Garden Spa
  548. Unwind Massage And Spa Home Services
  549. I’M Onsen Spa
  550. Shankara Spa
  551. Gentle Palm Home Service Spa
  552. Wadyong Relaxing Male Spa And Beauty Salon (Pasay Branch)
  553. Wadyong Relaxing Male Spa And Beauty Salon (Taguig Branch)
  554. Hana Spa And Thai Massage
  555. Zentavos Wellness Spa
  556. Spa Osaka
  557. Albury Spa
  558. Stargate Spa
  559. Chiang Mai Spa
  560. Starfleet Reflex Zone Massage Parlor
  561. Flight 168 Health Spa
  562. Cakara Wellness Spa
  563. OM Spa
  564. Mandate Philippines Wellness Spa
  565. Big Cool Home Spa
  566. 4U Spa
  567. Body Line Massage & Spa Clinic (Rizal Ave. Branch)
  568. Touch of Delight Spa
  569. Sabai Royalty Thai Spa
  570. Jason Spa Reflexology
  571. The Ritz Spa
  572. Aishi Spa
  573. Hoja De Laurel Spa
  574. Surf Spa
  575. I Desire Home And Hotel Services
  576. Body Pamper Home & Hotel Service
  577. Achilles (Lights Of Flower)
  578. JS Royal Massage
  579. Tina Massage and Spa
  580. Rainbow Dream Spa
  581. Sensefinity Spa (Cityland Makati Branch)
  582. Amor Valley Spa
  583. Infiniti Urban Spa
  584. Modelos Belladerm Wellness Spa & Skin Care Center
  585. Moana Day Spa
  586. Jolou Spa (Pasig Branch)
  587. Jolou Spa (Antipolo Branch)
  588. Pilgrim Spa
  589. Spa Riviera
  590. Accent Spa
  591. Chillax Home and Hotel Service Spa
  592. Pamper Patrol Home Service Spa
  593. Ayana Spa (Pasay Branch)
  594. Tuloy Foundation (Pampanga Branch)
  595. Tuloy Foundation Inc. (Muntinlupa Branch)
  596. Eowoo Massage
  597. Halla Massage and Spa
  598. Solterre Massage Spa
  599. Massage House
  600. Holiwood Girls Massage
  601. Spasify Massage and Spa (San Bernardo Branch)
  602. Spasify Massage and Spa (Waterfront Road Branch)
  603. Spasify Massage and Spa (Dewey Ave Branch)
  604. Smithval Spa
  605. Kimono Spa
  606. Kawaii Spa
  607. Sakura Spa
  608. Hopemed Medical Spa
  609. Tea Leaf Wellness Spa
  610. Japan Spa Yamachu
  611. Green Palace Spa (Makati Branch)
  612. Green Palace Spa (Las Piñas Branch)
  613. Furong Spa
  614. Nuruman Male Nuru Massage
  615. Amistad Spa & Wellness Center
  616. 96 Essensa Spa
  617. E Spa
  618. Four Seasons Home Spa
  619. Touch of Ellaris Spa
  620. Z Spa
  621. HCC Wellness Center & Spa
  622. Princess Touch Home Service Massage
  623. Bliss & Beyond Home Service Spa
  624. Orenji Massage Service
  625. Solano Satellite Home for Children
  626. Mother Caterina Roncalli Shelter Home Inc.
  627. Ministries Without Borders Phil. Inc.
  628. Mama’s Hope Haven of Norway
  629. Noah’s Ark, Help International
  630. Heide’s Angel Spa
  631. Heart of Mary Villa
  632. Friendship Home Foundation
  633. Home of Joy, Christian Growth Ministry
  634. Casa Miani Inc., Somascan Fathers
  635. Casa Dei Bambini San Guiseppe Inc., Saint Joseph Children’s Home
  636. BrightHalls Children’s Foundation
  637. Bethany Christian Home for Children
  638. Asian Hope Missionary Outreach of the Philippines
  639. Cebu Masseurs 101
  640. Regaa Thai (Divisoria Branch)
  641. Ugur Suleyman Soylemez Orphanage, Insani Yardim Vakfi
  642. Sublist: Private HIV Testing Facilities
  643. MEGA Therapeutic and Wellness Center (Mandaue Branch)
  644. MEGA Therapeutic and Wellness Center (Gen. Maxilom Ave. Branch)
  645. Regaa Thai (Pueblo Branch)
  646. Regaa Thai (Neri Branch)
  647. Tatsujin Spa and Body Massage
  648. Senses (Gomez Branch)
  649. Senses (Gusa Branch)
  650. Senses (Vamenta Branch)
  651. Metta Spa
  652. Convalescent (f. Touch of Heaven Massage Therapy)
  653. Fai-Thai Traditional Massage Spa (Corrales Branch)
  654. Amara Massage and Spa (Osmena Branch)
  655. RDH Spa
  656. Sublist: Gay-Friendly Massage Spas in Misamis Oriental
  657. Essential Thai Spa
  658. Childhope Asia Philippines
  659. Sebo Massage
  660. Gangnam Well Being Spa
  661. Forest Spa
  662. Sublist: Gay-Friendly Massage Spas in Cebu
  663. Tulong Mo Tulong Ko Biyaya ng Diyos
  664. Ceasars Palace Spa
  665. Costume House, Ezen Online Technologies Co.
  666. Katawhay Massage and Spa
  667. Blossom Lily Massage Center
  668. Calunod Paanakan Center
  669. Golosino Maternity & Family Planning Clinic
  670. Bever Medical Clinic Diagnostic Laboratory and Pharmacy
  671. Camalig Perpetual Birthing Home & Maternity Clinic
  672. Care Birthing Center
  673. Bogo City Birthing Center
  674. Carreta Lying‐In and Birthing Center
  675. Mabolo Birthing Center
  676. Talamban Health Center & Lying‐in Clinic
  677. Ch‐em Birthplace and Clinic
  678. Cubacub Birthing Center
  679. Madridejos Birthing Homes
  680. Margarita Birthing Center
  681. Mary Claire Oliver Maternity and Birthing Clinic (M.J. Cuenco Branch)
  682. Mary Claire’s Birthing Center & Family Planning Services
  683. MC Paanakan Center & Family Planning Services
  684. Pinamungajan Rural Health Unit – Birthing Center
  685. Rening Birthing Home
  686. San Francisco Rural Health Unit – Birthing Center
  687. Ronda Birthing Center
  688. Samboan Birthing Center
  689. San Fernando Health Center – Birthing Center
  690. San Remigio Rural Health Unit I – San Remigio Birthing Center
  691. Santa Fe Birthing Center
  692. Sibonga Birthing Center
  693. St. Barachiel Birthing Home & Family Planning Clinic
  694. Sister’s Midwife Clinic
  695. MCCC Care Clinic and Birthing Center
  696. Medellin Rural Health Unit and Birthing Center
  697. Melodina A. Cabajar Well Family Midwife Clinic
  698. Memee’s Birthing Home
  699. MJYP Maternity Clinic
  700. MNS Maternity House
  701. Moalboal Birthing Center
  702. Morning Glory Birthing Home
  703. MT. Zion Maternity Homes
  704. Mystical Rose Balay Anakan
  705. Nanelita P. Uy Well Family Midwife Clinic
  706. Nazarina Daria Well Family Midwife Clinic
  707. Norma Y. Cabrera Well Family Midwife Clinic
  708. P.S. Maternity Clinic
  709. Paanakan sa Mandaue
  710. Perlita A. Vilches Well Family Midwife Clinic
  711. Malabuyoc Birthing Center
  712. Daisy’s Birthing and Maternity Clinic
  713. Danao Lying-in Clinic
  714. Dotties Birthing Home & Family Planning Clinic
  715. Doña Remedios Laurel Birthing Center Rural Health Unit
  716. Ginatilan Birthing Center
  717. Glory Reborn Organization
  718. Grengia Maternity House
  719. J‐Anne Maternity Clinic
  720. Juana Maternity Clinic & Medicalsurgical Clinic
  721. King of King’s Paanakan
  722. LA Paz Birthing & Health Center
  723. Lady of Child Maternity Clinic
  724. Len‐len Birthing and Family Planning Clinic
  725. Leolisa F. Gurrea Midwife Clinic
  726. Life Inspired Birthing Home
  727. Lina’s Birthing Home
  728. Lunita A. Tuñacao Birthing Center
  729. Anita E. Alojado Well-Family Midwife Clinic (Cabantian Branch)
  730. Anita Alojado Well-Family Midwife Clinic (Bangkal Branch)
  731. Dr. Gador Maternity Package Deal Birthing Center
  732. Dumanjug Birthing Center
  733. Duyongco Maternity Clinic
  734. Eleeh’s Birthing and Family Planning Clinic
  735. Estardo Birthing Home
  736. Florame N. Quilario Well Family Midwife Clinic
  737. Gabriella Maternity Clinic
  738. GDC Midwife’s Clinic and Birthing Home
  739. Genesis Maternity Clinic & Birthing Center
  740. Genevieve C. Suazo Well Family Midwife Clinic
  741. Gentle Care Medical Clinic & Birthing Home
  742. Guadalupe Health and Birthing Center
  743. Inayawan Birthing Center
  744. Mercy Family Health Care Clinic
  745. Abuno Birthing Home Clinic
  746. Alcantara Birthing Center
  747. Alegria Birthing Center
  748. Agnes Birthing Home Clinic
  749. Ate Lud’z Birthing Home & Family Planning Clinic (Cogon Pardo Branch)
  750. Ate Lud’z Birthing Home & Family Planning Clinic (Pahina Central Branch)
  751. Babag Midwife Clinic
  752. Badian Birthing Center
  753. Balamban Health Diagnostic and Birthing Center
  754. Bantayan Birthing Home
  755. Mom’s Choice Family Care & Maternity Clinic
  756. Nerizza Dolorito Well Family Midwife Clinic
  757. Nurse Mid Maternity Clinic
  758. Pablo Maternity Clinic
  759. Paquibato District Hospital
  760. Porlares Bluestar Maternity & Family Planning Clinic
  761. Rasonable Midwife Clinic
  762. Reo Maternity & Family Planning Clinic
  763. Rusiana Maternity & Reproductive Health
  764. Sacre Coeur Medical Clinic & Birthing Center
  765. Sahot-Alojado Maternity Clinic
  766. San Pedro College Health Center
  767. Sarona Birthing Clinic
  768. St. Leonor Maternity & Family Planning Clinic
  769. T & R Lying-In Clinic
  770. Tallo Maternity & Family Planning Clinic
  771. Tecarro College Foundation Inc-Birthing Ctr.
  772. Tecarro Polyclinic Hospital
  773. Telewik Maternity and Family Planning Clinic
  774. Tibungco Lying-In
  775. Teresita Rusiana Maternity & Family Planning Clinic
  776. TJ Maternity Clinic
  777. Village Care Maternity and Multispecialty Clinic Inc.
  778. Welcome Family Maternity Clinic of Davao Inc.
  779. Aloha Maternity and Emergency Care Clinic
  780. Beauty Ethics Skin Care and Thai Massage
  781. The House of Joy for Children
  782. Peace Home for the Girls, Ang Bahay Parola
  783. Grace Home ABP for the Boys, Ang Bahay Parola
  784. Ang Bahay Parola, Mission to the World Philippines Foundation Inc.
  785. Holy Trinity Angel’s Orphanage
  786. Home of Hope Inc.
  787. Bethlehem House of Bread
  788. Buklod Kalinga
  789. St. Martin de Porres Orphanage, Bahay at Yaman ni San Martin De Porres Inc.
  790. Zoula Beauty and Wellness Spa
  791. Vision Help International Care Foundation
  792. Abucay Health Center and Lying-in Clinic
  793. Well Family Midwife Clinic (Talisay Branch)
  794. Village of Hope Inc., Kingdom Adventures
  795. Tulay Ng Kabataan Foundation Inc (ANAK-TnK)
  796. Tipasi Organic Spa
  797. Sanctuary Beauty Care and Wellness
  798. Reflexion Massage & Spa
  799. Nuat Thai Foot and Body Massage (Dumaguete Branch)
  800. Island’s Leisure Wellness Spa, Island’s Leisure Hotel Dumaguete
  801. Origin Natura Spa
  802. Basak Massage And Spa
  803. Ban Sabai Traditional Thai Massage Services
  804. Body Line Massage & Spa Clinic (Fortaleza Branch)
  805. Elsie Gaches Village
  806. Pavis Haven Massage & Spa
  807. Lai-Ken Thai Traditional Massage
  808. Vero Massage Clinic and Spa
  809. Yiyashi Spa
  810. Olive Leaf Wellness Spa
  811. Queen B Massage & Spa
  812. Herbert Chavez Talent Workshop
  813. Tsun Tsun Coser Shop
  814. Shanmei Cosplay Rentals & Sales
  815. Mame’s Cosplay Shop
  816. Sonia Lee’s Costume Central
  817. Ratu España
  818. Cottolengo Filipino Inc., St. Luigi Orione
  819. Lucky Doll
  820. Mont Albo Massage Hut (AC Cortes Mandaue Branch)
  821. Balay Silonganan – Home for the Street Children Inc.
  822. Foundation for the Orphanage of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Sons and Sisters of Mary and Adorers of the Holy Eucharist
  823. Taw-Kabui For a Child Inc.
  824. Children’s Haven, Albert Schweitzer Familienwerk Foundation Philippines Inc.
  825. Vanity Spa and Wellness Center
  826. Masso Jo Spa
  827. Reception and Study Center for the Children (Cebu City), Department of Social Welfare and Development
  828. Healing Hands Blind Masseurs
  829. Green Thai Massage
  830. Pure Bliss Therapeutic Massage & Spa
  831. Casa Miani Arvedi
  832. Home of Joy Orphanage, Christian Growth Ministries
  833. St. Joseph Orphanage and Rehabilitation Center for the Handicapped, Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker
  834. Bristol Massage and Spa
  835. Gentle Palms Massage & Spa
  836. Pavlas Therapeutic Massage
  837. Body and Sole (Labangon Town Center Branch)
  838. Oriental Thai Foot & Body Massage
  839. Lemon Grass Massage and Spa
  840. One Spa Place
  841. Jade Spa & Massage
  842. Ham Touch Massage
  843. Beauty Secret Spa & Massage Therapy
  844. Baan Khun Thai
  845. Royal Thai Massage
  846. D’Interior Spa
  847. Johnie Lim Body And Sole Body Massage And Foot Spa
  848. Alfabetoes Body Mind And Spirit Day Massage And Spa
  849. Haven of Hope Orphanage Philippines Inc.
  850. Biozen Wellness And Spa
  851. Mango House Children’s Home Inc.
  852. Parenting Foundation of the Philippines Inc.
  853. Bantay Bata Children’s Village
  854. EarthLife Wellness Spa
  855. Friendship Children’s Home
  856. The Little Children’s Home
  857. The Valley Cathedral Children’s Home
  858. New Faith Family Children’s Home Foundation Inc., Kids International Ministries
  859. Mary Immaculate Children’s Center
  860. Samaritan’s Place
  861. MM-Happiness Wellness Spa
  862. Beacon of Hope Orphanage
  863. Grace to Be Born Maternity Home and Nursery, Light of Jesus Family
  864. Dominicus Heaven’s Massage and Spa
  865. Grace Christian Mission Inc.
  866. Laura Vicuna Foundation Inc., Daughters of Mary Help of Christians
  867. Tita de Guzman Angels of Hope Foundation, Inc.
  868. Virlanie Foundation Philippines
  869. Angel House Orphanage Philippines
  870. St Mary Euphrasia Integrated Development Foundation Incorporated Bukid Kabataan Center
  871. Friendship Home Father Luis Amigo Inc.
  872. My Father’s House
  873. Christian Mission Service Philippines
  874. A Home for the Angels Child Caring Foundation, Inc.
  875. Pearl S. Buck Foundation Inc.
  876. Sefton Village Children’s Home Inc.
  877. NORFIL Foundation Inc.
  878. Gentle Hands Inc.
  879. Onesimo Bulilit Foundation
  880. The Redeemers Home Foundation Incorporated
  881. The Sun and Moon Foundation, Inc.
  882. Batang Pinangga Foundation Inc.
  883. King’s Garden Children’s Home
  884. Tahanan ng Pagmamahal Children’s Home, Inc.
  885. Granada Educational Foundation Incorporated Bahay San Rafael Home for Special Children
  886. Bahay ni Nanay Capital Sr. Maddalena Starace Inc.
  887. SOS Children’s Village (Tacloban Branch)
  888. Mga Kaibigan Ng Mga Kabataang may Kanser, Friends of Cancer Kids Iloilo Foundation Inc.
  889. Naga City Children’s Home
  890. Saint Rita Orphanage
  891. Nazareth Home for Street Children Foundation Inc.
  892. Christian Compassion Ministries, CCM
  893. Athena Beauty and Spa Centre
  894. Accelerating Minors Opportunity for Recovery (AMOR) Village
  895. JIREH Children’s Home
  896. Reception and Study Center for the Children (La Trinidad)
  897. Aloha House Inc.
  898. The Little Angels Home Inc.
  899. CRIBS Foundation Inc.
  900. Precious Heritage Children’s Home
  901. Flora Spa
  902. Good Shepherd’s Fold, Inc.
  903. Mercyville Inc.
  904. Mont Albo Massage Hut (Mactan Branch)
  905. Mont Albo Massage Hut (Lahug Branch)
  906. Helping Hands Healing Hearts Ministries Philippines Inc.
  907. Lingap-Pangarap ng mga Paslit Center
  908. Spavelous Massage Therapy
  909. Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries
  910. Concordia Children’s Services
  911. Chosen Children Village Foundation
  912. Nuat Thai (South Town Centre Branch)
  913. Zhi Ya
  914. Holy Infant Nursery Foundation Inc.
  915. Rainbow Village Ministries
  916. Hayag Receiving & Child Caring Home Inc
  917. Easter Village Orphanage
  918. Faith Hope and Love Kids Ranch
  919. Kaisahang Buhay Foundation Inc.
  920. House of Refuge Foundation Inc.
  921. MERITXELL Children’s World Foundation
  922. Willing Hearts Orphanage Inc.
  923. Mother Caterina Ronacalli Shelter Home Incorporated
  924. Bioessence Serenity Spa
  925. Hari Royale Spa
  926. Dumaguete Blind Massage Center
  927. Ysa Thai Massage and Spa
  928. Asilo De La Milagrosa Orphanage
  929. White Opal Thai Massage
  930. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Children’s Home Sisters Oblates of the Holy Spirit, Casasay’s Children’s Home
  931. Azure Breeze Health and Wellness Spa
  932. Black Mantra Spa (Anda Branch)
  933. Alay Pagasa Christian Foundation
  934. Pangarap Foundation Inc.
  935. Asociacion De Damas De Filipinas
  936. Asilo de San Vicente de Paul
  937. Sabai Sabai Arom
  938. Yume My Dream Massage and Spa
  939. Victoria Blind Massage
  940. Tulip Mega Stress And Shiatsu Center
  941. Touch n Heal Facials, Body and Foot Massage
  942. The Healing Spa and Massage
  943. The Fern Spa Wellness Care Center
  944. Thai Boran Foot & Body Massage (El Bajada Hotel Branch)
  945. Thai Boran Foot & Body Massage (Camus Branch)
  946. Tan-Ton Thai Massage
  947. Bethany House Sto. Nino Orphanage
  948. Spa Valley Sauna
  949. Solaz Massage and Spa (R Castillo Branch)
  950. Solaz Massage and Spa (Ecoland Branch)
  951. Scents & Oils Massage Center (Obrero Branch)
  952. Scents & Oils Massage Center (Bangkal Branch)
  953. Scents & Oils Massage Center (Juna Branch)
  954. Scents & Oils Massage Center (Maa Branch)
  955. Sanctum Spa
  956. Radiance Massage Center
  957. Pressure Points Spa
  958. Pacific Spa
  959. Oriental Touch Shiatsu Center (Mabini Branch)
  960. Oriental Touch Shiatsu Center (Obrero Branch)
  961. Oriental Touch Shiatsu Center (Bajada Branch)
  962. Oriental Touch Shiatsu Center (Tulip Branch)
  963. Oriental Touch Shiatsu Center (De Guzman Branch)
  964. Oori Massage Spa
  965. Nuad Thai Massage & Well Being Clinic
  966. Nong Domings Barbershop And Healing Spa
  967. Touch of Wellness Blind Massage
  968. Miso Thai Massage Spa
  969. Le Verte Nature’s Green Massage Spa
  970. Lazuli Spa
  971. Laze Haven Spa
  972. Kizuna Health Spa and Massage Parlor
  973. Kings Spa
  974. Joa Thai Massage Spa
  975. Japanese Zen Oriental Spa
  976. Humanzen Massage and Spa
  977. Happa Massage & Spa
  978. Gracious Yellow Spa
  979. Fishiology Spa & Nail Salon
  980. Firm Therapeutic Massage & Spa (Bajada Branch)
  981. Firm Therapeutic Massage & Spa (Obrero Branch)
  982. Felizima Wellness Center
  983. Elysia Massage & Wellness Spa (Bangkal Branch)
  984. Body Scent Massage and Salon
  985. Bodytech Spa
  986. Bona Korea Traditional Massage
  987. Body Bliss Massage
  988. Body Beyond Spa
  989. Banahaw Heals Spa
  990. Bambu Pond Spa
  991. Bali Hai Spa
  992. Bahia Spa And Wellness
  993. Ayurvedic Massage and Yoga Studio
  994. Asian Massage and Beauty Salon
  995. Aromatique Spa
  996. Amaranthus Garden Massage And Spa
  997. Agos Spa Massage and Body Scrub
  998. Touch n Heal
  999. Thai Boran (Carmen Branch)
  1000. Thai Boran (Abejuela Burgos Branch)
  1001. Sentara Nail and Body Spa
  1002. Amarela Massage & Spa (Velez Branch)
  1003. Amarela Massage & Spa (Carmen Branch)
  1004. Nuat Thai (Papa Juanitos Square Branch)
  1005. Finest Thai Traditional Massage and Spa
  1006. Fai-Thai Traditional Massage Spa (Velez Branch)
  1007. Body Touch Massage
  1008. D’ Royalty Spa
  1009. Senite Spa and Massage
  1010. Thai Boran (Minglanilla Branch)
  1011. Thai Boran (Pueblo Branch)
  1012. Body and Sole (Escario Branch)
  1013. Body and Sole (I.T. Park Branch)
  1014. Native Touch Massage
  1015. Tree Shade Spa (Mactan Branch)
  1016. Tree Shade Spa (Lahug Branch)
  1017. Ton Ton Thai Massage
  1018. Tsubo Spa
  1019. Sawadee Spa
  1020. Awesome Massage
  1021. Amaryllis Massage
  1022. Alyssa Spa and Massage
  1023. Grand Royal Spa (Dumaguete Branch)
  1024. Langkawi Discovery Spa
  1025. Baan Khun Thai (Fuente Branch)
  1026. Moonsai Massage Spa
  1027. El Grande Spa
  1028. Chi Beauty, Wellness and Spa
  1029. La Cabana Spa
  1030. Nuat Thai (Parkmall Branch)
  1031. Grand Royal Spa (Lahug Branch)
  1032. Nuat Thai (Gen. Maxilom Ave. Branch)
  1033. Thewi Thai Massage
  1034. Olive Tree Spa
  1035. Tender Spa
  1036. Calm Caress Therapeutic Spa
  1037. Grand Royal Spa (Capitol Site Branch)
  1038. Body and Sole (Ramos Branch)
  1039. The Spa at Cebu
  1040. Ruiz Derma & Spa
  1041. Queen of Stone Spa
  1042. Prana Medispa
  1043. Meddah Spa
  1044. Thai Boran (Mandaue Branch)
  1045. Maanyag Spa and Pension House
  1046. Leisure Spa & Wellness Center
  1047. La Esperanza De Masaje Foot And Body Massage Village
  1048. Cebu Holiday Gym & Spa
  1049. Pinoy Relaxing Massage Center
  1050. Cozy Spa
  1051. Cebu Hilot Massage
  1052. Khen Thai
  1053. Derm Haven Medi Spa
  1054. Cebu City Zoo Giant Python Massage
  1055. Lady Dhiana Spa & Massage Parlor
  1056. Classic Touch Haven Inc
  1057. Cebu Derm Haven
  1058. Cataliya Thai Herb Spa
  1059. Body Tune Day Spa
  1060. Au Revoir Spa Salon
  1061. Fine Fair Spa
  1062. Alibyo Boutique Spa
  1063. D’Aviary Health Spa (Jones Avenue Branch)

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  3. Daculan Family Plumbing Services
  4. Lapu Lapu Plumbing Services
  5. JCM Plumbing Services
  6. Ace Plumbing and Drain Services
  7. Arit’s Plumbing Service
  8. Sagrada Familia Plumbing Services
  9. Family Centered Home Care Facility (Cavite Branch)
  10. Zan Zen Spa
  11. LS3 Pension House
  12. Vital Sense Massage and Spa
  13. Hello Spa
  14. Cebu Movie Box Cafe (CMBC) DVD Movie House

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