A few days back while scrolling down and reading tweets on Twitter, I noticed how some of our local celebrities like Ramon Bautista, Jessy Mendiola, Luis Manzano and other celebrities were tweeting about a new item added to the McDonald’s Philippines’ well-loved product line. Being a sucker for the latest trends of anything, I checked this out.

First spotted in neighboring countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia, the McSpicy has finally been introduced to our most loved country the Philippines last June 13, 2013. A burger made of 100% whole chicken that is so juicy with just the right amount of spices, crunchy lettuce and delicious dressing, finished with toasted sesame seed buns and it only costs P80 (ala carte) but if you’d love to enjoy this with regular fries and drink, just add P35 and P55 for medium ones.

Intrigued by its offers, I told my food trip buddy-slash-boyfriend Sean how much I wanted to try one. Last June 18, five days after its release, Sean and I headed to Glorietta to have lunch. Strolling around looking at our choices, we found ourselves in McDonald’s. Going all the way to Makati from Pasig, usually, we would agree that our trip would have been a waste of time if we ate in a fast food restaurant considering there are lots of McDonald’s branches around our area but we both thought that that day was different. Entering McDo, the McSpicy ads were everywhere so why would anyone think that one could have missed that? So judging by what I’m telling you, your guess would be right. We ordered two McSpicy’s—one for me and one for him. We also ordered two other sets of meals just in case we were expecting too much. Sean lined up while I looked for seats.

As soon as I sat down, Sean followed bringing along a tray with our food. After setting it up, we argued on whether we’ll eat the burgers first or our the other ones first. He was so excited to finally take a bite out off the McSpicy he didn’t want to let me win this time so we finally went to a decision. The burgers were in boxes, and as soon as we opened it, we were glad it did not disappoint although it wasn’t as big as it was in the advertisements (as expected). As soon as we took a bite though, it left us quiet. I guess we were both thinking if we told each other it wasn’t that spicy at all, our money spent and our appetite would’ve been a waste so we kept our mouths busy while taking our first bites.

After awhile, we talked about its taste: it was spicy, but not as much as we hoped it to be (a good thing for people who don’t like spicy food). It is definitely a burger made for the mass, but nevertheless satisfying. The excellent advertising is probably why most people think that the McSpicy is such a delicious and outstanding burger. Clearly, they haven’t tasted KFC’s Zinger yet.

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