Answering this question is quite tricky, and quite frankly, thought-pondering. In other words, should you ask this question, expect different answers. And the difference would probably lie between asking a person who already has a family and asking a single individual who works for himself.

From a family person’s point of view, it would always be a ‘saving for the future’ answer. After all, with a family to raise, it is important to know that education, shelter, and food would be taken care of now and in the future. On the other hand, a single person would most likely save for the rainy days but would want to be able to have that option of being able to travel and go to different destinations. This is especially true for individuals who are in a relationship, whether it’s a new relationship or an on-going one. Having the financial capability to travel together is a motivation in itself, plus you would also be able to travel to different destinations with that special person is definitely a big add-on.

Traveling is truly expensive. No matter how you look at it, going to another place, local or foreign, would cost you money. The difference would probably lie in being able to consume the budget you allotted for such trip or have something left for the next trip. There are certainly several advantages of being able to travel. For one, the experience of being in a new place is already a big plus. Being able to bask in the culture and learn something new is yet another. The feeling you get when you arrive in a new place, taste something new, and feel like a tourist, is something different, and honestly, cannot be defined.

This is probably why many families make it a point to set aside something that is meant for travel. Giving this kind of experience to one’s children is priceless. While there are disadvantages to bringing the entire family on a trip, the fun, experience, and bonding that you go through is priceless.

So, should you save for the future or save up for future travels? The best answer to that would probably be, yes, one should save up for the future and at the same time, set aside a little percentage of your salary for any future travel. After all, like any typical, practical traveler, finding the best deals from airlines is the best way to go when traveling. And to that, one is able to get good deals on certain months within the year. At the same time, a little amount set aside and placed in your ‘travel fund’ would go a long way, especially if you have your bucket list of places that you would want to go to.

Image credit: roger alcandata

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