Are you planning to change your cellular phone and buy a brand new one? Do you have Sony Xperia E Dual in your list of desired phone models? Well, pay attention to this article and you will know if it is a best buy or not.

I am an ex OFW in Qatar. I bought this Sony Xperia E Dual phone from Lulu, a well-known supermarket in Doha. That time its price was 699 QR or  around 8500 Php. It was just out of the market. It was a hit to many Indians as well as Filipino expats. I thought it was really a good phone and worth my budget so I decided to buy one. Gold and black are its main colors. I chose the latter as the former was out of stock.

There are only three things I like about Sony Xperia E Dual. First, its dual sim feature. With it, you can use two sim cards regardless of the network. I guess this is the perfect phone for overseas workers. They can both use their roaming number and that of their country of work at the same time. It is handy for it has only a 3.5 inch display.

I consider it as a “pocket phone.” Second, its sound quality. It is very suitable for playing and listening to music. It is small but incredibly loud. And lastly, its durability. It can endure and survive several falls. Mine has fallen for many times and it is still alive and kicking till this day.

What about its not-so-good features? Well, it is a dwarf phone. It is less than the size of your palm. The letters on its keypad are too small. You need to open your eyes so wide just to see them. You cannot type fast without any misspelled words. You need to peck on every letter slowly and carefully. I also do not like its picture and video quality. The images it takes are a bit dim and blurry. I have never had a nice picture with this phone no matter how good the lighting is. I also dislike its mouthpiece reception. The caller can barely hear you unless you speak at the top of your lungs.

Just like other phones, Sony Xperia E Dual has its pleasant and unpleasant features. It is up to the owner / user to adjust to its features and take the most of it. I once liked this phone. Perhaps you will like it too. In fact, I am still using it and it has served me for three years now.

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