Tired of your old-fashioned TV? It is time to level up! Sony Bravia LED TV is a good bet! And I can tell you why.

I am not a couch potato but I must admit I enjoy watching TV now because of our new Sony Bravia 40-inch LED TV. Soap opera and movie lovers will surely love this television. Its vast screen makes your watching experience so fun and exciting. It feels like I am in a movie theater whenever I watch a show on it. It brings latest full HD 3D experience into our home.

My family and I love Sony Bravia’s picture quality. The images are so clear and vivid. I do not need to come closer or sit near it just to read the movie subtitles and news headlines. The images are still visible even you are 5 – 7 meters away from it. We also love its sound quality. Its surround sound has a very good depth. In fact, I always get carried away by the movie I am watching because it amplifies the sound effects well. I can even still hear its sound even I am outside the house.

Another good thing about Sony Bravia LED TV is it has a USB port. My brother likes this function so much for he can play the mp4 videos and mp3 songs in his flash drive through it without opening his laptop. We can watch a movie on it anytime by simply connecting a USB flash drive to its port. There is no need to use a VCD or DVD player. It is more easy, accessible and fast. You can watch your favorite film with just a simple click.

One more thing I like about Sony Bravia LED TV is it is sleek and slim that you can just hang it on the wall. You can also place it on a rack or table. Ours is hanged on the wall. This is perfect as our place gets easily flooded during a typhoon. We do not have to worry about it getting wet or submerged in the floodwater. It is also surge, humidity and lightning resistant. So even if we watch for many hours, whether on a hot day or a rainy day, it does not matter. It can withstand the heat, lightning bolt and even power fluctuation. One time there was a thunderstorm and it was on. Amazingly, it did not show any sort of malfunction.

Sony Bravia LED TV is the best television we have ever had so far. Some of our neighbors are planning to buy this TV too. It costs 20,000 – 24,000 Php. It may be expensive but it is worth the price. Likewise, I trust Sony as most of our appliances have this brand and they can last for decades. I can guarantee that Sony Bravia LED TV is a high quality television and you will never regret buying it.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, lean back and enjoy your favorite movie with Sony Bravia LED TV!

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