Smart Money Card is a debit card connected to your Smart mobile phone number. If you have a Smart simcard, you can link that with this. I decided to sign up for one because I do have a PayPal account and this card can be linked to that account so that I could transfer my balance from PayPal to a card. You can use any ATM to withdraw from the account. You can go directly to any Smart Stations (inside malls or any “Smart Padala” outlets) to deposit and withdraw the balance from the card. It’s just like the wallet card that is commonly offered by local banks in the Philippines.

You can use it for paying bills, sending remittances, and purchasing products online. However, since it is linked to your Smart Number, whenever you have to use it for online purchases, you would have to activate it first using your mobile phone. It is helpful for the security of your card. You can turn-off the activation once you’re done with the transaction. The downside of this link is that there would be times that the activation of your card would be erroneous. This is the technical downside of the card. Also, if you do not have a minimum maintaining balance in your Smart number, it is more likely that the activation would not push through. Make sure that there is sufficient balance or load on your Smart number before activating your card on the Smart menu.

Depositing or cashing in your Smart Money card is very easy. This is one of the accessible features of the card. You can go to any Smart Wireless Centers for Over the Counter transactions. You can also deposit to your account thru BDO. Lastly, you can go to any Smart Money accredited outlets.

Sending money is a lot easier. Just access the options using your Smart Menu and you can send money to another Smart Money holder. You will receive a confirmation message once it is done. There is a Php 2.50 fee per transaction.

For withdrawal from your account, you can locate any BDO ATMs all over the Philippines. There is a withdrawal fee of Php 3.00 that will be deducted after each withdrawal.

If you would want to create a Smart Money Card, you can enter your application online. There is a 7-day waiting period for you to be able to avail the card at their Wireless Centers. You would need to present at least one valid ID and Php 120.00 for the processing fee.

This card is very useful for small to medium scale entrepreneurs and perfect for personal use as well.

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  1. how will be able to solve my problem on my smart money account’ 1.My tnt sim card got busted or it should i say it does’nt work anymore and no.2. i have a smart money account on the sim card with balance of PHP 4,498.00,
    It has been more than a month since my money is tied up because of the sudden break down with the product sim card of smart tnt! And no.3. I am inside a facility or i am held detaind and locked up in a certain place.. So that means there is no way for me to possibly go to your smart center and bring an I.D and whatever! How many times that i have waited for so damn long calling the smart padala hotline some times it takes more than an hour just to reach and talk to your lovely operator and over and over i had explaind my sittuation that i am locked up! That i have nobody to a favur to go to your smart center and report my problem.
    I NEED MY MONEY FOR GOD SAKE! if you care about your good costumers then i think you would give them a hard time for claiming there own money.

  2. My problem is totally not related to this post, but I might as well share my experience with Smart Money Call Center Hotline. I called them on December 16, 2015 requesting for a print out of my statement of account for the last 3 months. They charged a fee for this request right after I made the call. I was advised the request will be processed and mailed within 8 business days. It’s January 14, 2016 as of today, and they still have not sent out my Statement of Account via mail. I just phoned them half an hour ago and I keep on getting the old spiel that the request has been submitted but waiting for feedback from support department. This is my 4th call. I was advised to call after 24 hours for feedback. I was told the same thing on my 3rd call, but I decided not to call after 24 hours but give it a week. And now, they still have not done what they said they will. Such a waste of time really, and all this for a Statement of Account via mail. I will continue to monitor this service request, and hope I can file this for incident report in the proper channel.

    1. Yes, I believe you can use it to purchase online. The card has the MasterCard logo. For PayPal, I’m not really sure. Let’s wait for the author to chime in if she has knowledge on it.

      If you’re looking for PayPal connectivity, why not try EON or BPI. I’ve used both and have yet to encounter “major” problems 🙂

      1. Hello, how do you apply for EON card? Im just a student and my student i.d. is just valid til March 2014. Is it still acceptable or not anymore. Sorry for asking these, im 18 and want to learn everything alone online i cant ask my mother cause she doesnt have any idea.

    2. @ theresacxrral I believe you can apply for EON since you’re already 18. They need two valid ID’s, so might as well get an SSS ID and Postal ID, that will do. If you want to make money online, you need to read a lot of stuff, I mean a lot. If you don’t do this, chances are, you’ll end up working for scammers. There’s a lot of scammers online, either they make you work and not pay you afterwards, or they ask you to send them money if you want to work for them, stuff like that.

  3. do i really have to have a smart number or can i use a talk n text one? i think talk n text is a sub company of smart

    1. Yup, Talk N Text subscribers are eligible as well.

      You must be a SMART subscriber (Prepaid, Postpaid, or Talk N text)
      You must be a resident of the Philippines
      Your citizenship may be Filipino or non-Filipino
      If 7 to 11 years old, you must have your parent’s or guardian’s consent