Sisig is a Filipino delicacy that originated from the province of Pampanga located on the northern part of Luzon. It is made from parts of pig’s head and liver, usually seasoned with calamansi and chili peppers. It is normally served as pulutan (finger food to go along a round of beers or other alcoholic drinks), but can also be eaten as a viand with steamy rice as a side dish for lunch or dinner and can also be used as toppings for pizza and nachos.

Sounds tempting? Aysee’s, a humble hole-in-a-wall carinderia type restaurant near the Philippine Sports Complex and Valle Verde Country Club offers probably the best ones in our country.

Their sisig is absolutely perfect. Served on a sizzling plate with a generous helping of butter or margarine, hot sauce, soy sauce and calamansi, it looks and smells how it tastes like: delicious. The meat is crunchy (unlike most others that are chewy because of the fats), the calamansi balances out the taste and the onions, egg and other ingredients are as mouthwatering. Every spoonful is fulfilling. You will love how this dish is so budget friendly and is good for two! Besides sisig, you can also order their papaitan (beef bitter stew), pinaputok na pla pla (St. Peter’s fish cooked in banana leaves), buntot ng tuna (tuna’s tail) and a lot more. After paying for the bill, they sometimes give away Judge chewing gum in exchange for your loose change (most probably, to help take away the smell of onion in your breath).

One goes to Aysee not to enjoy the ambiance but their food. While eating, you have to expect the sounds of cars driving by, people singing along karaoke and the people around you talking since the place is relevantly quite small and is not air-conditioned. It is also advisable not to ask for tap water and check your meal before eating because other reviewers say that sometimes, the people cooking can be careless. Despite all these, the food is great and the service is good.

The food trip here is definitely worth the calories, the cholesterol and the smell of sisig in our clothes after leaving. It’s a good place for cheap thrills. We recommend that you order anything just make sure to order the pork sisig or tuna sisig (for people on diets) because it is to die for. After a long day of working, studying, exercising or partying, reward yourself with a satisfying meal that will keep you asking for more.

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