Every Filipino loves chicken adobo and pork adobo. Even some westerners who visit the Philippines love them too. Just recently I found something that would make our adobo more tasty and appealing. It is called Silver Swan Old English Worcestershire sauce!

What I like about Silver Swan Old English is it has all the condiments and spices I need for my favorite adobo. I do not need to add soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt and chili for it has them already. It has onion and garlic too. In other words, it is an all-in-one sauce. It gives a real adobo taste so I do not need to worry about the taste of my cooking. It is not salty and does not have an aftertaste. It has a perfect blend of sweetness, saltness and sourness. It makes me crave and eat more!

Another thing I like about Silver Swan Old English is it can also be used to marinade pork, chicken and beef barbecue as well as fish. I have actually made some fried porkchop and chicken thighs with this sauce before and they tasted so good. I think it is also suitable for marinating lechon manok or roast chicken. My tutees’ mom prepared one using this sauce and it gave a yummy turbo chicken.

I am pretty sure everyone will like Silver Swan Old English. I recommend this to mothers, chefs and those who have passion for cooking. It is very affordable. Its smallest bottle (i.e., 150 mL) just costs 21 pesos and can make a kilo of chicken or pork adobo. I also like its hot and spicy flavor which is only 3 pesos more expensive than the classic one.

What I do not like about it is it has only two variants (only 150 mL & 3785 mL). I suggest that it should have a 300 mL, 500 mL or 1 liter bottle too. I think its 150 mL bottle is too little while its 3785 mL is too much. It would be awesome if we could have a retail sachet or a small packet of it too.

Silver Swan Old English Worcestershire sauce is something that your taste buds and tummy cannot resist. It has made my adobo and barbecue more delicious and irresistible.

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