After a month or two of constant persuasion, I’ve finally decided to give this medicinal herb a try. I was initially told that this is a Chinese-herb plant but my research tells me that this cactus plant is a native of West and South America as well as to other tropical and subtropical areas.

There’s been many researches conducted about P. Bleo , one can be found here here

It’s worth the read (see link in the quote) if you’re someone who wants to know more about this plant. Since this is my personal review, I’ll just go ahead and share my own and my mom’s experiences.

Mom has been using the Seven Star Needles every day for about 8 months now. She’s already 65 and, as we come to expect, people at this age tend to feel more body pains and illnesses. After a daily dose of Seven Star Needles, her arthritis went away and she’s no longer dependent on her meds. She never took another pill since then! As for me, because the last 6 months of my life were spent to taking different drugs to control my raging hyperacidity / GERD (and tinnitus), she keeps bugging me to give it a try.

After 3 months of religiously taking it, I could hardly tell if it’s doing something positive to my body. I still have my tinnitus, which by the way, still perks up at dawn, as well as my hyper acidity. Admittedly, I still have my stocks of proton pump inhibitors (PPI) and Kremil-S, Maalox for emergency purposes. I can’t be so sure if the plant really helped me or I might have been just too careful not to pass a meal to trigger it.

I must admit that I’d love seeing the floating green leaves in my everyday water. Kinda feels like so organic, fresh and healthy. For herbal plants, 3 months into it is too short to draw any conclusion, right? But if you ask me if I’ll continue using it, definitely yes! Seven Star Needles might not be the right herb for my case. It could be yours, who knows after all, it did help mom in her arthritis.

There are many ways to consume this plant. Some people boil it to tea, some nibble the leaves, etc. Me, I just pluck 3 to 4 leaves and soak it in a glass of water. I change the leaves every other day. My plant is too small for now, I’m afraid I might kill it if I harvest the leaves every day.

You can also visit this blog, and learn some of the things the author is doing. Don’t forget to read the comment section. There’s the gem.


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