If you are a KPOP (Korean Pop) Enthusiast, you wouldn’t want to miss trying Korean dishes and feel like you are really a Korean yourself. This is where this Mini Korean restaurant comes to play. Seoul Kitchen is located at 10355 Dancel Dormitory, FO Santos, Batong Malake, Los Baños Laguna.

The Atmosphere

The feeling of the place is such an escape. There is a wooden bench located on the right side of the front door.  Table with umbrella and a Korean bicycle. Windows are tinted with cute Korean cafe design.

Once you enter, you would see Polaroid’s on the wall, framed quotes and some cool Korean stuff. However, the restaurant has a limited space; I believe there is only 5 – 6 tables good for 4 and 2.  It would be embarrassing if you are going to stay there longer after you have eaten your meal.

Did I mention that the background music is KPOP? Talking about singing and dancing along while you are waiting for your food.

The Food

The owner of the restaurant is a couple. I believe the guy is Filipino and the girl is Korean who also act as the chef. Here are the dishes that I want you to try:

  • Korean Bibimbap – From the Korean word itself, it means mixed rice. It has sautéed veggies, egg, and beef with red chilli paste. It would be served unmixed since you will be the one to do the mixing. You can decide if you will include the red chilli paste or not. But for the record? Just include the chilli paste since it will add additional flavour and it would be fantastic.
  • Cheese Lappoki – Spicy Korean noodles (ramyun) with tteokbokki (rice / fish cake) and top with cheese. This is 100% daebak (Korean word for great success) for me.
  • Mandu – Korean Dumpling/Siomai.
  • Kimbap – Rice and veggies rolled with dried seaweed.
  • Korean Fried Chicken – Enough said.
  • Patbingsoo – It’s the Korean version of halo halo. However, instead of pearls and gulaman, patbingsoo usually comes with fresh fruits and red beans.
  • Kimchi – Who wouldn’t want to try this famous Korean side dish?

The food is quite pricey, but it’s worth it and is good for 2 persons. Food price range: P 80 – P 200.

My overall verdict: 8 stars out of 10. I really love Korean dishes and I would even like to try them all if given a chance.

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