I have always wanted to try doing nail art ever since I saw Zooey Deschanel showing twitter pics of her nail art on a late-night show. When I googled nail art, I saw so many cute designs and I wanted them badly on my nails. Sadly, my attempts at painting the simplest shapes on my small nails were tragic to say the least! Those blasted brushes that come with regular bottles of nail polish are so thick, they allow you no control whatsoever. So, I’ve basically given up on it until I discovered “Sassy Nail Art” during one of my runs at Watsons.

These “Sassy Nail art” are bottled nail polish pens with pointed pen tips. When you unwind the top of the pen, you will find a brush attached to it just like a regular nail polish except the brush is very thin. So, you have the option of using the pen tip or the thin brush or both. Even though I was very excited and wanted to grab every color, I initially bought just one cause I wasn’t sure it would work. When I tried it at home, I regretted not following my instincts because it was so easy to use!

First, I painted my nails with a base coat of regular red nail polish. I waited until it was completely dry (very important). Then, using the pen tip, I carefully squeezed the plastic bottle until a drop came out. Easy enough, my first nail art was “white polka dots on red”. Next, I tried to draw an umbrella. This was trickier but the pointed pen tip allowed decent precision. The outline of the umbrella (or it could have been a mushroom) came out a little thicker than I preferred but it still looked cute. When I was done with all my nails, I waited for them to dry and applied a colorless coat.

Naturally, on my next trip to Watsons, I bought all the colors they had at that time which were green, black and orange. These babies cost only Php 37.00 a pop. All these colors gave me room to be more creative. I find it easiest to paint an abstract style nail art (Pollock-style) cause you don’t have to be that precise and the end result looks professional and clean.

Besides the affordability and how much fun it is to use, what amazes me about ‘Sassy Nail Art’ is that it just won’t chip. Perhaps it’s because it is simply sturdier than your regular nail polish. Even if you apply an uneven and thick layer which you tend to do when you’re painting something specific like, say, a panda face, the nail polish won’t chip when it dries. Plus, it lasts on your nails for a very long time without flaking. Amazeballs! For beginners, I recommend the super cute strawberry-themed nail art because it’s very easy to do and so much fun!

Image courtesy: prettythrifty

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