I work from home now and sit in front of the computer for hours to prepare my lessons, exercises, virtual boards, etc. This usually gives me neck, shoulder and back pain and makes me so stressed. Thank goodness I have this herbal oil that soothes my painful body caused by prolonged sitting. It is called San Sierra Herbal Oil.

What I especially like about San Sierra Herbal Oil is it has a long lasting effect on my back. I can feel its minty effect the moment I apply it to my skin. It only takes a second to feel it unlike other herbal oils that I need to wait for a minute or so before their “healing” power takes effect. I can really feel its strong menthol and eucalyptus components. And take note, it does not have a foul scent unlike most oils. It smells like a mint bubble gum to me.

I like San Sierra Herbal Oil so much! It easily relieves my muscle pain. It’s amazing how it gets rid of my backache in just a few seconds. I do not need to apply it to my back several times to ease the pain. Just a one-time application and I feel relieved already. I can guarantee and assure you that it is very effective.

I strongly recommend San Sierra Herbal Oil to those who frequently suffer from backache (like me), stiff neck, arthritis and other body pains and to masseurs and masseuses (those who provide a body massage as an occupation). It can also help relieve stomachache due to flatulence or excessive gas in the tummy. I once applied it to my belly when I got an upset stomach and it consoled me.

My mother usually applies it to her temples when she has a headache and she immediately feels relieved. I also use it for insect bites like when mosquitoes bite me. It is good for skin itchiness too as well as motion sickness. I make sure I have it in my bag when I travel. It helps me cope with travel sickness by just smelling it and applying some of it to my forehead.

San Sierra Herbal Oil is very affordable. I bought mine for only 100 Php. Actually, it’s three 15 ml-bottles for 100 pesos. So it is like 33 Php for every bottle. I think it is the cheapest herbal oil: the cheapest and the most effective! And there’s more to it than what my review says. It has natural substances that are known to be therapeutic like malunggay, guava and eucalyptus to name a few. And another good thing about it is it is Philippine made. It is something that we can be proud of.

Everyone should use San Sierra Herbal Oil. It is the best herbal oil I have ever tried and I am sure you will say the same once you try and experience its amazing power.

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