I needed a ref. I chose the SAMSUNG BOTTOM FREEZER REFRIGERATOR (MODEL RL23FCIH. After 1 year of use, this is my opinion of it.

Look wise, my first impression of the ref was favourable. Its dark gray metallic finish gives it a futuristic modern feel that suits my taste. Unfortunately, it doesn’t match my existing stainless steel stove. So, if you’re into matching appliances, this may not be the ref for you. Also, its width is slightly narrower than the standard width of other refs in the same cubic feet category. This means that if your kitchen was designed exactly to this standard width, inserting it into that space would result in unsightly gaps. This was the case with me, but I bought it anyway because I liked the way it looked with a price tag that was really low.

When looking into the refrigerator compartment, it was immediately clear to me that this is a no-frills type of ref. It has only one temperature control for both the refrigerator and freezer compartments with none of the bells and whistles of my previous refs. Nevertheless, its tempered glass shelving and LED lighting made me feel that this was still a quality ref meant for a discerning buyer operating on a budget.

I really like the freezer compartment. Instead of wire shelving, it has 3 plastic drawers that occupies the whole compartment. Be that as it may, one design flaw quickly emerged as I started using it: I was always spilling water into the drawer as I opened it to insert my ice cube trays. Also, the limited size of the drawers will not allow for really big items into the freezer. On the plus side, the freezer gets cold more quickly than my other refs. This may have something to do with the freezer being at the bottom. Remember: hot air rises while cold air sinks to the bottom.

At the rear, this ref has a plastic door protecting the compressor area. Most models from other manufacturers have this area open. Apparently, this door was designed as a mouse guard which in retrospect is a very good idea in the Philippines. After returning home from a 2 month work assignment, I experienced the damage that mice can do to compressor wiring. Consequently, I’m all for mouse guards in all of my major appliances

When ON, the compressor is audible, but it is low enough not to be irritating. Electricity wise, it is rated at 110 watts which is lower than my previous frost free type ref. As a frost type model, this ref is supposed to be defrosted periodically to get rid of ice build up. I’m pleased to report that in the year that it’s been in use, I’ve never had to do that. There has yet to be any frost build up anywhere.

So, except for a few minor design issues, I’m very satisfied with this ref. I would recommend it wholeheartedly. Cheers!

Photo is for illustration purposes only.

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