The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (P3100) functions both as a phone and as a tablet. A few months ago, I was looking for a device that I could use for writing web articles without having to take a laptop with me. Initially, I was considering getting an iPad mini, but after learning about the features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, I decided to purchase it.

Since I intended to use the device for Internet browsing and writing, the dual-core processor of the Galaxy Tab 2 can sufficiently handle such tasks. However, once I start opening a lot of browser tabs, which is what I usually do when I do some research, the browser would crash. This is not a big issue, since I just have to manage the number of tabs that I keep open at the same time. In fact, the processor is adequate enough for handling some multiplayer online games without crashing.

Connectivity options offered by the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 suit my needs. It can get good Wi-Fi signal even if I am several meters away from the hotspot. If I am not close to a Wi-Fi hotspot, I could switch on the Bluetooth so that I could use my other phone’s tethering option. Because it has 3G, I could also just insert a sim card, and use my mobile network to connect to the Internet. I do not frequently use the phablet’s 3G option. But during the couple of times that I have used it, the connection was reasonably fast. I was able to upload a 1 MB file in about 2 minutes.

Aside from using the tablet for Internet-related activities, I also use it to watch videos of the online classes that I am taking. Even though the display is not in high-definition, it is enough not to cause any eye strain after hours of watching videos. Since it has a 16GB capacity, I was able to save videos on various topics without having to delete old ones. With its micro SD slot that can add up to 32 GB of storage, it would take a while before I run out of storage.

After several months of using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, I have no regrets about choosing it over the iPad mini. Sure, it does not have a high-definition screen and the browser crashes when too many tabs and tasks are open. But for my Internet activities, it has all the features that I need to complete my tasks in no time. At PhP 14,999 from the Samsung shop at SM Megamall, its 3G option and expandable memory beat the iPad mini (the non-3G version), which was offered at around the same price.

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