Are you already fed up wasting your money on Smartphones that are not smart at all? Do you want a phone that can last long and you will treasure for life? Well, I already have mine – Samsung Galaxy S5! And I will share more details with you why I love it!

For me the best feature of Samsung Galaxy S5 is its finger scanner. I can use my fingerprint as a screen lock. I like it because nobody can open my phone and access my files except me. I can guarantee that your files are 100% safe and secure. Even my mom and bro were amused when they first learned about this highly reliable security function of S5. And they have just decided to buy one soon.

Another thing I like about Samsung Galaxy S5 is that it is waterproof. One time I accidentally dropped it in the sink while washing dishes and it directly fell in the water basin. I just dried it off with a piece of cloth and presto! It was working perfectly.

I am also amazed how Samsung Galaxy S5 can make me look great in all occasions. It always gives me clear pictures and videos. Its high resolution display is perfect for taking full body pictures. I also like its sound quality. It is highly audible and loud. I am not fond of music but I now enjoy listening to music because of S5. So music and selfie lovers, take note!

One more thing I like about Samsung Galaxy S5 is its health application, something that you cannot just see in other phones. With it, I am able to know the amount of calories in every food I eat. This is very helpful when you are on a diet. I am also able to determine the number of footsteps I make when I walk, jog or run. Just hold or put it in your bag and its pedometer will work automatically even without opening the health app. And with its sensor on its back, I can monitor my heart rate. I recommend S5 to health-conscious individuals.

Samsung Galaxy S5 contents me. With its vast memory capacity, I can save tons and tons of pictures, videos and songs. And with its huge screen, I can say that it is the best phone for video chatting, surfing the web, viewing and editing documents.

These are just some of the many reasons why I love Samsung Galaxy S5 and I am sure you will definitely love this phone too. It costs 20,000 – 35,000 Php. It may be expensive but it is worth buying. Since S5 has it all, I rarely use a computer now. From Bluetooth to Wi-Fi, it has everything I need.

Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched a year ago yet it is still in demand until today. I bought mine overseas and I like it very much. I have never had any issue or problem with S5. Its features are all fabulous. I will never trade it for any other phones.

Smart. Splendid. Sophisticated. Superior. Superb. That’s S5!

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